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The documentary “Framing Britney Spears” on Amazon Prime

A.Everybody talks about Britney Spears, but nobody talks to her. This creates a strange vacuum inside the documentary “Framing Britney Spears”, which is a shame, but inevitable. Britney Spears has been under the tutelage of her father Jamie for thirteen years and is not allowed to perform or interviews without his consent, controls her earnings and has access to medical records. Britney Spears has ceded all personal rights, and to find out how things can get this far for a young, hard-working woman, the New York Times documentary takes you back to the beginnings of the former child star and the abyss of the paparazzi. Era in the early 2000s.

Not only Britney Spears, many other and especially female stars were filmed during this time due to the lack of the tabloid media. Whitney Houston, Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan and Amy Winehouse are among them. Magazines and websites accompanied the party nights, the addictions, the psychological breakdowns of their subjects with a voyeuristic lust for sensation and a lack of empathy that is hardly imaginable today, as if they were not real people but actresses in a garish soap opera.

She was considered a slut

Recently, however, there has been a tendency to retrospectively reinterpret the biographies of female stars in a feminist way. With “This is Paris” Paris Hilton, for example, provided an unusually intimate glimpse into their fears and trauma, and biographies of women musicians about Whitney Houston and Taylor Swift endeavor to compensate for the years of malice that accompanied the artists.

With Britney Spears in particular, it’s easy to forget that you’re not dealing with a blond, moderately gifted puppet. The documentary shows the first appearances of a ten-year-old with a powerful voice who moved with her mother from rural Louisiana to New York to pursue a career. She was cast for the “Mickey Mouse Club”, a show that exactly matched her talents. After the show was canceled, Spears achieved a solo career. Her debut “… Baby One More Time” was at the top of the sales charts all over the world, as was the successor “Oops! … I did it again ”.

She is successful as a stage artist to this day, but the reason for scandals was her private life. With her “Mickey Mouse” colleague Justin Timberlake, she formed an outwardly chaste dream couple, after the separation Timberlake avenged himself with a song and a video that blamed her. Since then, Spears has been seen in the tabloids as a slut who broke the poor boy’s heart – just recently, in February of this year, Timberlake apologized for “sexist behavior”, and with Janet Jackson, too. “This industry is flawed. It’s geared towards success for men, especially white men, ”he wrote on Instagram – the platform that gave stars back control over their own image. He now “no longer wants to benefit from the fact that others are put down”.

On break for two years

It got really ugly in 2007, and this terrible year for Spears has become so legendary that you can buy mugs and T-shirts on the Internet with the motivating slogan “If Britney survived 2007 you can handle today”. Spears had married the dancer Kevin Federline, had two sons in quick succession, soon separated from Federline again and found himself in a bitter custody battle. The gossip press cracked its mouths as to whether Spears was a suitable mother, they lost all grip, beat up a paparazzo with an umbrella and had their hair tattoos and hair shaved off in a nightly action. Eventually she barricaded herself with her children, the police arrived, and Spears was taken to an addiction clinic on a stretcher. On February 1, 2008, she was incapacitated.

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