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Sven Regener gets on high

Element of crime front man Sven Regener, who is currently on tour with the band, conquers the hardcover fiction charts with his new novel from the Lehmann universe: “Glitterschnitter” (Galiani Berlin; ET: September 9th) picks up right away place 2, only July toe stays with her novel from the Brandenburg province “About people” (Luchterhand; ET: March 22nd), who has been circling the charts for 26 weeks, in front of him.

“Glitterschnitter” games in late autumn 1980, according to the deputy program director Esther Kormann on request from Börsenblatt online. “It ties in directly with the novel ‘Wiener Straße’. But you don’t need to know a single Regener book to find your way around. The main venue is two adjacent cafés on Wiener Straße, Berlin-Kreuzberg. The band Glitterschnitter is organizing a concert there Young musicians want to reinvent music by using a drill, among other things, and hope to be invited by a somewhat rough curator to a big art break at the Wannsee – the Wall City Noise – through their short-term organized appearance. “

Does Mr. Lehmann also appear? “With Frank Lehmann the novel begins. He is currently in a heated dispute about German and Austrian coffee culture. But you also meet all the bagaluts that you know from the other novels by Sven Regener, and who have become almost friends for many of his readers, “says Kormann. And there are even newcomers: the curator washed with water and music manager Leo. In “Glitterschnitter”, unlike “Herr Lehmann”, there is no central figure, the book is more of a kind of narrative hidden object, the events are told from the perspective of many characters.

You watch a lot of characters thinking, constantly switching from one to the other and experience that inside and outside sometimes diverge strongly. Seen in this way, the novel does not live so much from a plot, but rather from insane dialogues, thoughts and speculations.

Has the band “Glitterschnitter” already appeared in other Regener books? “From ‘Glitterschnitter’ is already briefly in ‘Magical Mystery’ the speech when Ferdi, Raimund and Karl Schmidt accidentally run into each other after many years and remember their band, in which Karl Schmidt played the drill, “says Kormann.

And the name “Glitterschnitter”? Kormann thinks: “The name of the band is great! For me it stands for the fact that art is there to bring something like shine into life. And that this shine sometimes comes about by chance, but is often also associated with exertion. And with Courage.”

Glitterschnitter “is that The publisher’s top title in autumn“Of course, all the stops are pulled out,” says Kormann about marketing. “We were particularly pleased that the Hamburg artist Viertausend, as with ‘Wiener Strasse’, had a great one Cover motif from which we made a limited edition A1 jewelry poster for the book trade. And don’t forget: the author signed books for a whole afternoon. More is not possible!”

“We are with 80,000 books started, “continues Kormann.” However, we are already in the 3rd edition because we had to make constant corrections before the publication date. Many booksellers read the book beforehand and liked it so much that they immediately ordered a new one. “

And finally asked what’s the nice thing about the Cooperation with Regener? “There is a lot to think about. Much to learn. And a lot to laugh about, “says Kormann.

In addition, other new titles are being added to the hardcover list:

on Rank 6 is new to it “Beautiful world, where are you” (Claassen; ET: September 7; T: Zoë Beck), the third novel by the 30-year-old Irish writer Sally Rooney. The focus of the action, which takes place in Dublin and in a coastal town, is the love story of four young people: the writer Alice and the warehouse worker Felix, and Alice’s best friend Eileen and Simon. Four, “who are close, who hurt each other, who talk to each other: about sex, about inequality and what they do with relationships, about the world in which they live”, so the blurb. The reviews quoted on the publisher’s website see Rooney’s best novel to date. She is a “master of psychologically accurate, realistic storytelling, emotionally effective and analytically accurate”, judged Julia Dettke in the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung”.

you “Girl on the Train” (2015) sold around 23 million copies worldwide, according to the publisher, the film adaptation with Emily Blunt was a box-office hit – now the British author is laying Paula Hawkins (her website), in between was “Into the Water” (2016), her third thriller: “Who lights the fire – no deed is ever forgotten” (Blanvalet; ET: September 6; T: Christoph Göhler) rises to the new level 25th place a. A brutally murdered young man is discovered on a houseboat in London; three women are among the suspects. In the USA the title topped the charts, the “New York Times” praised the clever plot.

  • Paula Hawkins is the fiction (HC) Newcomer of the week (plus 34 places), cuts almost as well Sally Rooney from (plus 33 places).

Two more titles make it onto the hardcover list: The fairy tale, which has never been published in book form “Florian the carp” (Hoffmann and Campe; ET: September 1) by Siegfried Lenz (1926–2014) starts on 21st place. According to the publisher, the bibliophile volume brings together further texts about Lenz’s special relationship with nature, water, fishing – and fish.

23rd place goes to the Swedish journalist, author, TV presenter and blogger Alex Schulman and his debut novel “The survivors” (German; ET: August 20; T: Hanna Granz), who was at the top of the charts in his home country for weeks. The brothers Benjamin, Pierre and Nils spent their childhood in a wooden house by the lake – after 20 years they return there to scatter their mother’s ashes. You have grown apart, can dealing with the past change that? On the website of dtv can be found a book trailer as well as a Greetings from Schulman to his German readers.

At the Paperback and Paperback there are five more newcomers.

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