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Sudden love: This is how Rihanna and A $ AP approached Rocky

How did friendship become love? Rihanna (32) and A $ AP Rocky (32) have been rumored to have a liaison for years, but the singer and rapper only had a platonic relationship – until now! After years of friendship, the stars actually clicked. They are supposed to have been together for a couple of weeks. But how did the two artists suddenly have butterflies in their stomachs?

“Rihanna and Rocky have always been very flirtatious as friends, but the fact that they spent so much time together during the pandemic ultimately changed things between them.”a source now explains Hollywood Life. Due to the current crisis situation, they would have had more free time and could have concentrated much more on each other. “Rihanna seems really, really happy with him,” explains the informant.

Indeed it has Rihanna not expected to feel one more time for her music colleague. She put the artist in the friend zone for quite a while – while he would have preferred to be more than just a buddy to her. “A $ AP has been in for years Rihanna Crush”, revealed an insider a few days ago Us Weekly. But now, as is well known, there is a sweet happy ending for him – Rihanna finally returns his feelings!

Rihanna and A $ AP Rocky in December 2019

ActionPress / Steve Vas / Future Image

Rihanna and A $ AP Rocky in December 2019
Rihanna and A $ AP Rocky, 2019
Rihanna, singer

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