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Rihanna: The make-up artist reveals the trick for her full eyebrows

Rihanna’s outfits usually do not show simplicity. However, if you pay attention to your eyebrows, it becomes clear that they are always naturally styled. Your make-up artist will let us in on the secret behind this look.

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When make-up experts pass on their tips to us, it is worth its weight in gold. Even better, if we can follow their advice without spending a fortune and without being professionals ourselves. This is exactly the case with the make-up technique called “Soap Brows”, which the singer Rihanna’s (32) make-up artist likes to use on her eyebrows. With a brow set you not only come close to the result of the professional make-up artist, you can actually imitate the look at home!

Rihanna’s make-up artist: She swears by that for full eyebrows

Priscilla Ono is much more than a make-up artist for singer Rihanna: She has become a friend of the superstar and promotes her beauty brand “Fenty Beauty” as an ambassador. In an interview with “www.harpersbazaar.com”, the successful make-up artist lets us in on her personal secret for Rihanna’s eyebrows: Soap. You heard right, because the technique is actually as simple as it sounds. Priscilla is a big proponent of the method: “It’s an old trick by (us) makeup artists,” she explains. At the moment everyone is obsessed with “thick, brushed up, feathered brows”. The technique of soap brows makes the eyebrows stick and last for a long time.

For her result, Priscilla Ono uses a conventional bar of soap. However, if you want to conjure up an even longer-lasting look, you should take a look at this brow set: You can easily shop on Amazon. There is also a brush in the kit!

As if lubricated: The technique with soap is that easy

You think like Rihanna’s make-up artist you can’t do it at home? Thought wrong! You can easily create the so-called “Soap Brows” yourself with the help of soap, a brush and a little water. You can imagine the result something like this: bushy, natural and feminine. The whole trick is to brush the hairs of your brows upwards and set them in place, making them look voluminous in no time. The look is the same as what you can achieve with a browlift – with the difference that soap brows are much cheaper and easier!

A set brings the professional technology to your home and costs less than 15 euros on Amazon, for example.

Popular with celebrities: These stars are also following the trend

Rihanna and her make-up artist, Priscilla Ono, are definitely not the only celebrities who are fans of soap brows. Many other celebrities have the bushy brows you create using this method. Actress Lily Collins is currently conquering the hearts of many fans with her full brows and lashes in the Netflix series “Emily in Paris”. For some time now, model Cara Delevingne has been THE symbol for bushy eyebrows. But the royals are also totally into the look: Beatrice von York loves to style her brows naturally.

The make-up artist also likes to wear the bushy brow look herself, as this make-up shows:

You get Soap Brows à la Rihanna with this set

The easiest way to get soap brows like a pro is with a brow set. Inside is everything you need for the hippest look of the year:

  • Soap Booster: transparent or brown soap in environmentally friendly packaging
  • Face Spritz: specially developed to activate the Soap Booster, is also ideal as a primer or toner before applying make-up or as a refreshing facial spray in between
  • Mirror and brush: so that you can start straight away with simple styling

Follow the trend at home – this is how it works

  1. First, moisten the brush with the Face Spritz.

  2. You pick up some product with the moistened brush – less is more! Thanks to the strong hold of the Soap Booster, even the smallest amount of product is sufficient.
  3. Now you brush your eyebrows into the shape you want. It is best to work from the inside out and comb the hair upwards, so the brows appear fuller and longer.
  4. If you want to compensate for gaps or plucking errors, you can touch them up afterwards with a powder or pencil.
  5. Voilà! Once the product has dried, the eyebrows will last all day!

Before you get started with step one, you should take a closer look at this set for Soap Brows: Put it in your shopping cart directly on Amazon.

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