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Rapper Siga: From bodyguard to star thanks to Denzel Washington | Regional

Denzel Washington wanted to hear a sample. And Siga (34) started rapping – in German.

“As a bodyguard, I’ve experienced a lot: I flew in a private jet, slept in the presidential suite because there was no longer a normal room, and Denzel Washington encouraged me to keep making music,” Siga told BILD.

So Siva Ganesu became the rapper Siga. It was a long way to the stars and the suites: he came to Germany in his mother’s arms 30 years ago as a refugee. First Hildesheim, then Bielefeld.

“Honey, I want to make a movie”

A life like a movie. Others said that first. “I’ve always had it in my head to write everything down. To give people, especially young people, a little courage. An interview was the decisive factor that I sat down and started. On the third day I said to my wife that she was cooking: ‘Honey, I want to make a film’. “

When Siga has an idea, he doesn’t hesitate. He looked for a film producer online and sent off a quick email. “And after an hour I had an answer from the producer Alexandra Schild.”

The two met. “The chemistry was right between us immediately, so we said we’d take the next step, we’ll go through with it.”

His daughter is born in July

Now they are flying to Sri Lanka in May to film the film. Just in time. His daughter is born in July. “Everything is a bit stressful at the moment. But also very exciting, ”says Siga happily.

He will see the country of his birth for the first time since his escape. And consciously for the very first time. “I didn’t want to visit Sri Lanka for a long time. It’s home, but the stories I’ve been told have made me want to see my home. But with the birth of my first child, the need to find out where I came from grew. “

Reunion with the parents

For the filming, he drives with the director, producer, camerawoman and sound engineer to his birthplace, about half an hour from Jaffna. There will also be a reunion. “My uncle, my father’s brother, was deported in the 1990s, although the children were born in Germany.”

He will see you there again. Siga’s parents are there too. He already has a bit of jitters. “I don’t speak Tamil well, the elderly usually laugh when I say something. But I can understand quite well. “

Teaser picture

Siga at the concert with sign interpreter Vanessa

For him, German was always his mother tongue. And he also wrote his raps in German. Even the gangsta stuff at the beginning. But in the meantime his style has changed.

Together with the sign interpreter Vanessa he gives concerts for the deaf today. “I wouldn’t take on harder things today. I want to be a role model for my children. That’s why I’m away from the street rap. That was an experience, it was important, but it’s over. “

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Soniya Gupta, who joined the Technical University in October 2015, continues his education life at Technical University. As the passion for aviation increases day by day, it has a great interest in technology and gaming.


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