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On the “Avatar” set: is Kate Winslet copying her “Titanic” pose?

With this pose, Kate Winslet (45) wrote film history! In 1997, the British actress played the role of Rose DeWitt Bukater in the legendary film Titanic – and thus achieved her international breakthrough as a film star. The Oscar winner is currently working on the next big blockbuster: She is in front of the camera for the sequel to the science fiction hit Avatar. But is she copying her famous pose from “Titanic”? At least fans could suspect that based on current pictures from the set …

The film producer Jon Landau granted him Instagram-Community now takes a look behind the scenes of “Avatar”. He shared a snapshot on the photo platform on which Kate can be seen during the filming: The 45-year-old is at the bottom of a deep swimming pool and – equipped with a kind of wing – stretches her arms from her body. And exactly this pose should sound familiar to some fans, because already in “Titanic” she stretched out her arms together with Leonardo DiCaprio (45) at the bow of the ship.

He emphasized that this underwater filming is anything but easy Kate already opposite The Hollywood Reporter: “To play that role in ‘Avatar’ I had to learn how to dive without a respirator – and that was just amazing”, reported the actress and clarified: “My longest time under water was seven minutes and 14 seconds.”

Kate whines on the “Avatar 2” set
Kate Winslet in New York City in November 2017
Kate Winslet in December 2017 in San Francisco



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