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Matt Damon stranded in a small town in Ireland – but he doesn’t want to leave

Shooting canceled
Because of Corona: Matt Damon is stuck in an Irish coastal town – but he doesn’t want to leave

Matt Damon stayed in Ireland because of Corona

Matt Damon (here filming in France) is spending the Corona period in Ireland

© Moritz Thibaud / ABACA / Picture Alliance

Matt Damon actually only wanted to be in Ireland to film. But because of the Corona crisis, the US actor is stuck – not entirely involuntarily.

The Corona crisis has also triggered a crisis in Hollywood. Filming is canceled, cinemas are closed. For US actor Matt Damon, Corona caused a rather involuntary change of residence.

Matt Damon is stuck in Ireland due to Corona

Damon reached the small Irish coastal town of Dalkey in mid-March. Filming for “The Last Duel” by director Ridley Scott was scheduled. But nothing came of it. A short time later, the lockdown was also announced in Ireland. Stricter curfews apply in the country than in Germany. People are only allowed to be within two kilometers of their place of residence. For Matt Damon that was no reason to fly back to the USA as soon as possible.

The “New York Times” journalist Heather Murphy asked around in Dalkey. It quickly became clear to her why Damon appreciates it in the idyllic coastal town near Dublin. “We don’t want someone who is a celebrity to think that we are in any way obscure,” said a local resident. So it would be against the Irish disposition to annoy celebs and keep asking for selfies. U2 singer Bono and singer Enya live not far from Damon’s temporary residence. They too seem to appreciate the Irish reluctance.

Ireland reacted quickly to the crisis

But the calmness of his new neighbors was probably only one reason for Damon’s decision. In his actual place of residence, New York City, the coronavirus is as ruthless as it is anywhere else in Italy.

Coronavirus in Italy: The police patrol a beach in the province of Rimini with a drone.

Ireland’s Prime Minister Leo Varadkar, on the other hand, reacted very quickly to the pandemic and ordered the lockdown. Varadkar was praised in many places for its good crisis management. The former doctor volunteered in the fight against the virus and advised patients over the phone. It is hardly surprising that Matt Damon would prefer to live in a country that is ruled by a doctor rather than Donald Trump.

source: “New York Times”


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