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Matt Damon: Eldest daughter had the coronavirus

Matt Damon
Eldest daughter had the coronavirus

At the end of the month, Matt Damon wants to see his eldest daughter Alexia again, from whom he has just separated. She had the coronavirus.

While Matt Damon (49, “Good Will Hunting”) is currently due to the corona lockdown with his wife Luciana Barroso (44) and their three children Isabella (born 2006), Gia (born 2008) and Stella (born. 2010) stays in Ireland, his eldest daughter Alexia (born 1999) is currently on her own. Alexia, whom Barroso brought into the marriage, is in New York because of her college education. In a radio interview, Damon has now said that his eldest daughter was infected with the corona virus weeks ago.

“A strange limbo”

Alexia and her roommate were infected early on, but had “survived the matter well”, as the actor told the radio station “SPIN 1038” in an interview. “We have the three younger ones and our oldest, who we’ll see again at the end of the month … but they’re all okay.” He plans to travel back to Los Angeles with his family, where Alexia will meet them so they can discuss “what the hell we’re going to do. It’s such a strange limbo we’re all in.”

Damon originally traveled to Ireland with his wife and children to shoot scenes for “The Last Duel”, the new film by Ridley Scott (82). Because of the corona pandemic, however, the family has been stuck in the small town of Dalkey for a few weeks.

In Damon’s opinion, the majority have now finally understood why there are currently corona requirements in many countries. “I think we all got the message now,” said the Hollywood star. “Everyone is in isolation, social distancing and washing their hands – all we can do to alleviate this situation.”


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