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Kate Winslet breaks this action record in “Avatar 2” – cinema

Kate Winslet goes underwater again for the science fiction sequel. She wasn’t aware that she even made Tom Cruise look old.

Oscar winner Kate Winslet (45) not only gives everything when it comes to her film roles, but also sets one or the other record. The thoroughbred actress is currently in front of the camera for the continuation of the science fiction series “Avatar”. With her remarkable performance she not only surprises her director James Cameron (66), with whom she also shot “Titanic” over twenty years ago, but primarily herself.

Winslet goes to diving station

During an underwater sequence, Winslet literally went to the diving station for so long that she even outshone the jack-of-all-trades Tom Cruise (58) with this performance. The actress held her breath for over seven minutes and kicked the “Mission: Impossible” sword from the throne.

For a diving scene in the fifth part of his action series, the actor only managed six minutes. “To play this role in ‘Avatar’, I had to learn how to dive freely,” the brave actress told the Hollywood Reporter in an interview. “That was just amazing, a totally crazy thing.”

A unique record for the time being

Her surprise was even greater when she finally learned of her new record performance from the media. “It’s crazy because I don’t actually read reviews or media reports,” explains Winslet in an interview with “Entertainment Tonight”. “I don’t have Instagram either, and I’m completely cut off from this part of my life.” Over the past week, people would have come up to her and congratulated her, which made the actress quite suspicious.

Kate Winslet owns her own star on "Walk of Fame" and could even make an entry in the Guinness Book of Records.
Kate Winslethas her own star on the “Walk of Fame” and could even book an entry in the Guiness Book of Records for herself.

But she doesn’t dare to take on the wet challenge a second time. “That was the result of four weeks of intensive training and, moreover, in a test tank,” she recalls. “I don’t think I’ll be able to do it again.” The fans still have to wait for the result: The “Avatar” sequel is not due to hit cinemas until December 2022.

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