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Jack Nicholson & Co .: These celebrities have sister-mothers

Not a unique family secret: Hollywood star Jack Nicholson, 80, believed that he had a sister named June until he was 37. After she died of cancer, found out Jack of the real family situation: June was actually his mother and the woman he had previously taken to be his mom, his grandmother. The actor is not alone with this fate: CodeList introduces two more prominent men who also grew up with a sister-mother!

guitarist Eric Clapton (72) is the result of his mother’s one-night stand with a Canadian soldier who was stationed in Great Britain during World War II. At the tender age of 16 she gave birth to the “Tears in Heaven” singer and Erics Grandparents willingly mimed his parents for years. He never met his biological father – Edward Fryer died penniless in a veterans hospital in 1985.

Jack and Eric were apparently able to process their family secret: Both are in demand stars in their fields. Example number three is the notorious serial killer Ted Bundy (✝42), whose sister Louise was actually his mother. It is still unclear who his father is. Members of his family suspected that his grandfather had molested Louise and was therefore also his father. Mentally unstable, aggressive and extremely angry remained Ted all his life – in 1989 he was executed on the electric chair for a number of murders.



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