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‘It’s Not All About Physical Attraction’

Although the two of course have a common “physical attraction” to each other, the secret of their long-term romance lies in the fact that both of them “encourage” each other to “be the best they can be”. “As you get older, you realize that building a relationship isn’t just about physical attraction – although that’s certainly important. It’s about choosing the person who brings out the best in you and who encourages you, that To be the best you can be, “the Oscar winner describes her marriage to ‘Candis’ magazine.

The 44-year-old, who also has 20-year-old Ava and 16-year-old Deacon with her ex-spouse Ryan Phillippe, met Jim at a party when Jim had to step in to save the actress from his boyfriend who was too much had been drinking. She recalled, “I met Jim at a party where he was with a friend who had been drinking a lot and he was talking to me pretty loudly and kind of insistently. Jim said, ‘Please excuse my friend, he has too much drunk, but usually he’s not like that – his girlfriend just broke up with him. ‘ I just thought it was very sweet of him that he was such a good friend to his buddy. I had no idea that I would end up marrying him! ”

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