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“History of swear words”: Nicolas Cage gets a documentary

Nicolas Cage (56) can hardly save himself from new acting offers! Only last May it became known that a TV series about Joe Exotic (57), the star of the Netflix hit Tiger King, was being shot – and Nicolas is supposed to embody the eccentric private zoo owner. But this is not the only film project that the Hollywood star is planning: Nicolas will soon also have his own Netflix-Get documentation!

According to a report by Variety the streaming service is planning the documentary series “History of Swear Words”, in German “History of Swear Words”, which will be moderated by the 56-year-old. As the title suggests, it is about the vocabulary that family programs prefer to cut out. Historians, experts and entertainers debate a swear word à la “f * ck” or “sh * t” in every episode.

In one YoutTube-Trailer gives you a first taste. Paints in it Nicolas a picture and describes in a particularly creative way a term that was still unknown at the beginning of the clip, which among other things stands for “naughtiness” and “sensuality”. Then the camera pans to the painting of the actor on which the word “P * ssy” is written. “It could also be a cat”, he closes his lecture with humor.

Nicolas Cage at the “Running With The Devil” premiere in September 2019
Nicolas Cage, 2020
Nicolas Cage, “Ghost Rider” actor



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