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George Clooney: Before Amal, his life was incredibly empty – entertainment

George and Amal Clooney in Cannes a few years ago. Photo: taniavolobueva /

Hollywood megastar George Clooney now leads a life that the dream factory could never give him. In a new interview, he raves about his children and his wife Amal.

Hollywood star George Clooney (59, “Ocean’s Eleven”) has found happiness with his wife Amal (43) and their children. When asked by journalist Hoda Kotb (56) on the US show “Today” what his fatherhood gave him, what Hollywood couldn’t, he replied briefly: “Oh everything!”.

Unconditional love

With his wife, to whom he has been married since 2014, and his twins Alexander and Ella, who were born in 2017, the actor feels “a feeling of belonging, a feeling of home and a feeling of unconditional love”. Just all the things you would hope for from “a really good career and a dog,” jokes Clooney. But at some point you realize that it is so much more.

When asked why he waited so long with the offspring, after all, the star was already 56 years old when Alexander and Ella were born, the Oscar winner replied without thinking twice. It was only with Amal that he found “the right person” to have children. “I have to have children” is the goal of many people. “That wasn’t my goal. I didn’t look at life and thought: ‘My life will be unfulfilled without children’.” He actually thought that he was leading a fulfilled existence.

“And then I met Amal”

“And then I met Amal and I realized my life was pretty empty,” continues Clooney. Later his children were born “and suddenly you realize how incredibly empty it was”. His family fulfills his life, they are just “fun”.

Clooney himself provides this fun, because his job is to teach the kids “really terrible things”. “I really enjoy teaching my kids things that shock their mothers,” jokes the actor. For example, he showed Ella and Alexander how to take some Nutella and smear the chocolate and nut spread in a diaper and on their legs, as if they had just had a little “accident” and had taken off the diaper. Then the children should show the whole thing to their mom. Clooney laughs: “And then take them [die Creme] and eat it. “

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