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Chris Hemsworth: He’s the special friend of his son Tristan

Is there anything better than having a close and good relationship with your own children? It’s no different with Hollywood stars like Chris Hemsworth. What kind of very special bond the Australian actually has with his children is now made clear by an essay by his younger son Tristan. (Also Read: Muscle Envy: This Fellow Actor Urges Chris Hemsworth To Stop Training)

“My special friend is dad”

On Wednesday, the Thor star shared a photo on his Instagram channel showing a page of his 6-year-old son’s exercise book. The task was apparently a mini-essay – and Tristan took the opportunity to tell about his dad: “My special friend is dad, together we go to the pool. Together they make me happy”. His teacher added as an appreciative note: “Well done, Tristan”.

Chris Hemsworth repeated his son’s words under the post and added “❤️😭” to them. Other postings also make it clear that the 37-year-old actor is a real family man. For the 10th anniversary with his wife Elsa Pataky, he published several snapshots together a few weeks ago. Among other things, a photo showing his wife with their three children (India Rose, Tristan and Sasha). (Also: Chris Hemsworth: His trainer shows you how to build muscles – without any weights)

How nice that Chris Hemsworth still finds enough time for his family in addition to his film projects. His next film, “Thor: Love and Thunder”, is slated to hit cinemas in the US on February 11, 2022.

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