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Cameron Diaz: Where’s your laugh, Cameron?

Cameron Diaz
Where’s your laugh, Cameron?

Cameron Diaz

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Cameron Diaz was always Hollywood’s sunshine, loved the cameras. GALA knows why it is now avoiding the public

A parking garage in LA – and a rare sight these days: Cameron Diaz. Her face looks serious, pale, and puffy. She hides it behind XL sunglasses. What is noticeable even with their casual look: The figure of the 45-year-old is significantly more rounded than it used to be. Still a great silhouette, of course, but for a leading lady in the film business those famous few pounds are too much.

she changed

Nothing can be seen of the happy, well-trained cam, of Hollywood’s enchanting sunshine. Since her blockbuster comedy “Crazy About Mary” in 1998, she cultivated the image of the uncomplicated surfer girl. Was it just a bad day now? There must be more to it, because her charisma and the hardened beach body were always so important to Cam that she even wrote books about it. “She is not feeling well”, GALA learns from a confidante.

So she doesn’t want to be around the people anymore, holed up at home.

The sad background

The actress has been trying to get pregnant for two years. She wants nothing more than a baby with her husband, Good Charlotte guitarist Benji Madden, 38. It won’t work naturally. She is said to have had three artificial inseminations by now – and is taking hormones to increase the chances. That could explain why her face has changed so much. In corresponding Internet forums, many women in this country complain that extra pounds accumulate under hormonal stimulation.

She withdraws

“Cam is psychologically on the ground”, explains the confidante. “She feels like a failure and suffers from mild depression.” She is now looking for a therapist who should help her out of the low mood. Your last film, the musical adaptation “Annie”, was three years ago. She stays away from Red Carpets in order not to be spoken to. In June she made an exception, attending the “In Goop Health” wellness event in Culver City to support her good friend Gwyneth Paltrow. And of course the reporters asked why you can hardly see them anymore. Cam:

I feel the need to withdraw. I have to take care of myself now.

Do you harm this friendship?

The friendship with sister-in-law Nicole Richie, 35, the wife of Benji’s twin brother Joel, is both a curse and a blessing. Cam can pour out her heart to her. However, Nicole automatically reminds her of the big dream: Nicole and Joel have two children. They rave about how much Harlow, 9, and Sparrow, 7, add to their lives.

And Benji?

“He stands by his wife unconditionally”, such a friend. Another in-vitro experiment is planned before his autumn tour. Benji had the words “Cameron” tattooed on his chest and told GALA: “It’s right over my heart because it only beats for her. Our marriage was the missing piece of the puzzle in my life.” Maybe at some point this couple will just have to come to terms with happiness as a couple.

Jessica Kohlmeier, collaboration: Andreas Renner



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