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Buy bitcoin – before it explodes? What investors should know by now

Bitcoin and the crypto markets are heating up again. Should you buy Bitcoin now before the reserve currency continues its upward trend?

Where and how do I buy bitcoins – and when is it best?

After a comparatively weak week, numerous cryptocurrencies are recording slight price gains again. Bitcoin, the number 1 cryptocurrency by market capitalization, was able to gain almost 3% in the last 24 hours: the bulls drove BTC from local lows of 45,652 dollars to 47,348 dollars within a few hours. There was a slight correction here; BTC is currently trading sideways around $ 47,080. How do you proceed from here? Will BTC manage to continue its upward trend and move towards an all-time high? What are analysts saying about Bitcoin’s near-term outlook?


Will Bitcoin break the $ 52,000 break this time? Source:

The popular pseudonymous trader “CryptoSqueeze” writes to more than 114,000 followers on Twitter about Bitcoin: BTC has just formed a so-called golden cross. He asks if they are well positioned for the rally he expects in the fourth quarter of 2021:

“BTC has just formed a golden cross on the day’s course.
Are you well positioned for the Q4 rally? “

Background golden cross: A golden cross (also known as golden cross or golden crossover) denotes a chart pattern in which a short-term moving average crosses a long-term moving average. That usually means: it will be bullish. A golden cross often indicates a new upward trend in Bitcoin. So now too?

CryptoQuant’s blockchain researchers are also seeing signs of a recovery in BTC. A brief analysis mentions: BTC could now be in re-accumulation mode.

Where can you buy real bitcoin? Our instructions show it

That we are currently in a full blown bull run that will bring Bitcoin to six-digit prices, on-chain guru Willy Woo leaves no doubt about that at the moment. In a new Twitter thread he deals in detail with Bitcoin’s current situation. According to the New Zealander, we are in the middle of a bull market – and people would buy bitcoin on a massive scale. Woo to his more than 720,000 followers:

“Retail drives the macro cycles. When small investors [Bitcoin akkumulieren]As is currently the case, the fundamentals say we are in the middle of a bull market.

I repeat: in the middle of a bull market. Two months ago when this data was shown, the traders were incredulous. “

The much-cited on-chain specialist adds: Whales in particular, i.e. owners of large amounts of BTC, apparently believe in an imminent rally – and are charging enormous amounts of coins. Because, so Woo:

“Whales believe that coins are cheap right now. Whales are opportunists. They have a decade-long diversification plan and sell in any bull market after making their money.

But they take the opportunity to buy when they see a strong rally ahead, like now. “

So it seems to be only a matter of time before the excessive buying behavior is also reflected in the Bitcoin price. Woo already emphasized months ago: He expects a Bitcoin price of more than 100,000 dollars – by the end of the year.

Buy Bitcoin Guide: How to Buy Bitcoin (BTC) on eToro?

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Step 1: Registration

Be the first to register on the website and enter your email address, username and password. After that, the general terms and conditions have to be accepted. eToro will then send you an email with a verification link. If you click on it, your account will be verified. Registration is complete and you can get started!

etoro step 1

Step 2: Top up your account

Next we are going to top up money. You can then buy Bitcoin (BTC) on eToro. To do this, click on “Deposit money“(You can find the button at the bottom left in the menu). Then decide on a payment method and the amount you want to top up.

You have the choice at eToro different payment methods. So there is guaranteed to be the optimal variant for you.

Payment method Possible
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Step 3: Buy Bitcoin (BTC) on eToro

As soon as you have funded your account, you can buy cryptocurrencies. In the Search bar at the top all you have to do is enter the name of the cryptocurrency, i.e. Bitcoin (BTC). The respective coin will then be displayed to you. If you click on it, you will see a new page with information.

Of the “Trading“-Button then shows you the possible purchase options. The following settings can be selected:

  • Buy or sell: Here you can set the purchase option.
  • Immediately or order: At this point you decide whether you want to buy immediately or time-controlled.
  • number: Here you can set the amount of Bitcoin (BTC) that you want to buy.
  • Stop Loss and Take Profit: Your position can be closed automatically when you have made a certain profit or loss.
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Last updated on September 15, 2021

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