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Ben Affleck on Justice League: Batman made me addicted to alcohol again – folks

Did this movie nearly break it?

Being the bat is a heavy burden. Michael Keaton (69) hung on to the role as the movie Batman forever, only decades later he celebrated a career comeback. Christian Bale (46) had to deal with massive weight fluctuations because of “Batman Begins” and “The Dark Knight”. Robert Pattinson (34), who is now the Dark Knight, threatens to break apart from the brutal filming of the new “The Batman”. His predecessor Ben Affleck can also sing a song about the burden of the iconic DC comic figure.

After the strip “Justice League” (2017), which was spurned by fans and critics alike, Affleck ended with Batman – the 48-year-old sank into alcohol. In the podcast of the “Hollywood Reporter” the actor was talking about this difficult time and how he is today.

Ben Affleck played Batman from 2016 to 2017

Ben Affleck played the “Batman” from 2016 to 2017Photo: dpa

“I started drinking too much around the time of ‘Justice League’, it’s hard to face it and live with it,” said the “Argo” star. “I’ve been dry for a while now and I feel very good – better and healthy than ever.”

The heavily flopped superhero film “Justice League” did not make Affleck an alcoholic, Affleck has been struggling with this problem for many years – but the whole thing drove him into a deep crisis. His former contribution to the new “The Batman”, which is now being created with Robert Pattinson, was certainly not innocent.

Affleck was originally supposed to be director, screenwriter, producer and leading actor rolled into one for the title! Far too much for someone who is currently suffering from an acute alcohol addiction – in the end the actor was completely out.

Bat-fleck was popular, no Batman has ever been so gloomy and physical on the screen. Even so, his films “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”, “Suicide Squad” and “Justice League” did not do well with audiences.

Ben Affleck made Batman just for his children

Why all the stress anyway? For the kids! “I played Batman because I wanted it for my children,” says Affleck. “I wanted to do something my son could be happy about. I mean, my kids didn’t see ‘Argo’. “

Affleck had a very special gift for his son Samuel (8), who was divorced from Jennifer Garner (48): “I wore the batsuit on my son’s birthday, and that was every moment of suffering in ‘Justice League’ value.”

Affleck’s career as a bat man is not completely over. Because “Justice League” is currently being completely redesigned and 2021 in a new version – as the fans originally wanted – appear in the stream.

New scenes are said to have been shot for this – also with Affleck.

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