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Amber Heard + Johnny Depp: New sound recordings hide something terrible

Amber Heard + Johnny Depp
New sound recordings hold terrible things

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp in 2016

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp in 2016

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Actress Amber Heard reportedly recorded therapy sessions with her ex-husband Johnny Depp on her cell phone. Terrible events come to light in it.

No rest for Amber Heard, 33, and Johnny Depp, 56. The two actors (“The Rum Diary”) married in 2015, but they divorced in 2017 – including a bitter war of the roses.

Amber Heard: Did Johnny Depp Beat Her?

The screen beauty claimed she was physically abused by her ex and filed for divorce. Johnny Depp vehemently denied these extreme allegations, charged his ex with defamation, and even claimed otherwise.

Did Amber Heard mistreat Johnny Depp?

He turned the tables: In court, Johnny Depp showed a photo evidence from 2015: On this he can be seen with a bandaged hand and a dark burn mark on his cheek. The picture was taken in the hospital after Heard threw two bottles at him and is said to have put a burning cigarette in his face.

Sound recordings hold terrible things

The British “Daily Mail” has sound recordings in which you can hear Amber and Johnny having a therapy session together. The actress is said to have recorded several sessions, each lasting two hours, with the cell phone. Horrible Conversations: The couple’s marital problems were heatedly debated, and Johnny accused his then-wife of punching him with his fist. “Sorry that I didn’t give you a real slap in the face (…) I don’t remember exactly which hand movement I made, but it was a slap and not a punch!”, Amber contradicted in the recording.

She threw pans and vases at Johnny Depp

Another conversation reveals that Amber Heard threw pans, vases and cans at Johnny Depp. He says, “I’m not the one who throws pots and things like that,” to which the actress replies, “Just because I throw pots and pans doesn’t mean you can knock on my door anytime.”

“I am terrified that we are the scene of a crime right now,” said Johnny Depp.

The Hollywood star is said to have burst his collar, whereupon he fled. “I left last night because I couldn’t stand the thought of more violence we’re doing to each other. If we’d continued it would have ended up badly. Honey, I’ve told you this before, I’m terrified, that we are the scene of a crime right now. ” Amber Heard replied to his concern: “I can’t promise not to get violent again. Damn it, sometimes I’m so angry that I just go nuts!”

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