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Actor Ben Best has died

One day before his 47th birthday, the actor and screenwriter is Ben Best died.

The American actor and screenwriter Ben Best is dead. The star who co-created the HBO series “Eastbound & Down”! – start fragment -> has appeared, was only 46 years old. The cause of death is unknown. Rough House Pictures, who produced the comedy, confirmed the death with a statement on Instagram.

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Actor and screenwriter Ben Best is dead

“With a heavy heart we have to say goodbye to our good friend Ben Best. We lost him the day before he would have turned 47. He was a damn good friend and a creative force. He inspired and made us all laugh. Charming and hilarious. Gone way too early. We love and miss you, “says the message.

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Ben Best created the comedy “Eastbound & Down” with his colleagues Jody Hill and Danny McBride.! – start fragment ->! – start fragment -> In addition, he was also seen in the series for eight episodes as a pissed off bartender Clegg. He also wrote the script for the films with Danny McBride “The Foot Fist Way” and “Your Highness”, in which Natalie Portman and James Franco played among others.! – start fragment ->! – start fragment ->! – end fragment ->! – start fragment ->

Comedia Seth Rogen mourns his colleague

In addition, the Hollywood star had roles in films such as “Love Vegas”, “The almost forgotten world”, “Shopping-Center King – Here my law applies” and “Superbad”. In the latter, he stood next to actor Seth Rogen, who said goodbye to his colleague with emotional words: “I feel honored that I was allowed to work with him. And even more, that I could hang out with him and just be in his company,” said Rogen on Twitter.! – startfragment ->! – startfragment ->



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