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War of the Roses with Johnny Depp: Amber Heard admits abuse

Amber Heard confessed that she hit Johnny Depp during a therapy session allegedly held a few months before their breakup in May 2016. There were often arguments between them, which were often physical. With the help of a couples therapist, however, they wanted to fight for their love. According to the Daily Mail, the audio recording should also have been made there, which could now change everything. On the sound recording, the two should initially fight for an hour. The blonde should emphasize again and again that she has the feeling of being neglected. Whenever there was an argument, the 56-year-old left the room to avoid it. “You never try to work on it. You never fight for me. (…) That damn it has to change!”, Amber is supposed to have said in the conversation. However, she felt even more provoked by his behavior. “If you nudge an animal often enough, at some point, no matter how friendly it is, it is no longer cool,” is how she is supposed to justify her physical abuse. In the recordings there is also a clear admission that the ‘curse of the Caribbean’ star could relieve. “I started the physical fight,” Amber reportedly admitted. While Johnny describes several violent situations, Amber is said to have tried again and again to pull herself out of the affair and downplay the events.

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