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This is what the actors of the first season look like today


September 14, 2021 – 5:53 p.m. clock

What are the actors doing today?

In September 1998 the boarding school series “Schloss Einstein” was broadcast for the first time. Since then, the Albert Einstein Gymnasium has been an integral part of childhood for many people. Anyone who floats in nostalgia today is sure to ask themselves the question: What do the stars of the first season look like today?

Paula Birnbaum alias “Iris Kleintann”

The former actress Paula Birnbaum (34) slipped into the role of Iris Kleintann. In the soap, riding and reading were among her hobbies. She also lived with her friends Nadine and Katharina. Today Paula Birnbaum works as an entrepreneur and runs an artist agency in Berlin.

Juliane Brummund alias “Nadine Steiner”

Actress Juliane Brummund hid behind Nadine Steiner, who shared a room with Iris and Katharina. After “Schloss Einstein” she appeared in the crime series “Alone Against Time” from 2010 to 2012. She then ended her acting career and trained as a make-up artist. She still works in the job today.

Florens Schmidt alias “Oliver Schuster”

Florens Schmidt (37) played the village boy “Oliver Schuster”, who was initially rather averse to the Albert Einstein High School. But when he switched to this school himself, he changed his mind and became a real heartthrob. After a successful start in his acting career, he studied at the “Konrad Wolf” University of Film and Television in Potsdam. He is still active as an actor today and has appeared in the series “Bettys Diagnose” and “Großstadtrevier”, among others.

Anja Stadlober alias “Vera Seiffert”

Vera Seiffert was played by the Austrian actress Anja Stadlober (37). Vera was a simple student and lived with her mother in Potsdam. She dropped out of school after being sentenced to community service. Today Anja Stadlober works mainly as a voice actress and is the German voice of many well-known actors such as Emma Stone or Mila Kunis.

Stream “Schloss Einstein” on TVNOW

Time for some childhood memories? The boarding school soap “Schloss Einstein” is available for streaming on TVNOW.

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