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The correct order of the action line

At the theatrical release of “Snake Eyes” we will show you how many “GI Joe” films there are and in which order you can watch the Hasbro films.

Even before the great success of the “Transformers” films, toy manufacturer Hasbro had plans for a film adaptation of the popular action figure series “GI Joe”. However, it would be until 2009 for the franchise’s first film to appear. Since then, two more parts have been released, but due to the long breaks in between and constant changes of actors, they can certainly cause confusion. To give you an overview, we have put the “GI Joe” films together according to their release date and in their chronological order.

See the trailer for the latest film in the series Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins in the Video:

The “GI Joe” films in the order of their release

Between 2009 and 2021 a total of three “GI Joe” films were released. It all started with “GI Joe – Cobra Secret Mission”, in which Hollywood star Channing Tatum played the lead role. Four years later, he was replaced by franchise savior Dwayne Johnson, who starred alongside Bruce Willis in GI Joe 3D: The Reckoning. In August 2021, after an eight-year break, the spin-off “Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins” followed with Henry Golding in the eponymous role. We have put together the chronological order for you below:

  • “GI Joe – Cobra Secret Mission” (2009)
  • “GI Joe 3D: The Reckoning” (2013)
  • “Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins” (2021)

All “GI Joe” films in chronological order

Viewing them in chronological order is an interesting alternative. Since “Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins” tells the story of the silent ninja and his nemesis Storm Shadow, you can easily watch the latest part of the franchise first. With the origin story of the two, viewers who did not grow up with the action figures can perhaps better understand the conflict between the two warring ninjas. Regardless of which order you decide in the end: The storylines of the “GI Joe” films are not too complex anyway, so you can just sit back and enjoy the action spectacle.

  • “Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins” (2021)
  • “GI Joe – Cobra Secret Mission” (2009)
  • “GI Joe 3D: The Reckoning” (2013)

“GI Joe – Cobra Secret Mission”

The terrorist organization Cobra (© Paramount Pictures)

Back in 2003, producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura was interested in a film adaptation of the material. After the outbreak of the Iraq war, however, he considered a film to be inappropriate and initially devoted himself to the “Transformers” franchise. In “GI Joe – Cobra Secret Mission” the special unit of the GI Joes has to deal with gun magnate McCullen (Christopher Eccleston) and his right-hand man The Baroness (Sienna Miller). During an attack on a military convoy, the two bring four warheads under their control, with which they want to usurp world domination. The soldier Duke, embodied by Channing Tatum, is supposed to secure the warheads again, but has made the calculation without the baroness, whom he recognizes as his former girlfriend Ana.

“GI Joe 3D: The Settlement”

Dwayne Johnson is part of the sequel. (© Paramount Pictures)

After the first part was not a flop at the box office, but still lagged far behind the success of the “Transformers” films, Paramount decided to semi-reboot the series. Channing Tatum was only seen in the first scene of the film and was then replaced by Dwayne Johnson as the leading actor. In “GI Joe 3D: The Reckoning”, the Cobra organization takes revenge on the Joes by wiping out and discrediting large parts of the special unit. When they then also use a doppelganger as US president, Dwayne Johnson has to visit founding father Bruce Willis to thwart Cobra’s world domination.

“Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins”

Storm Shadow was born. (© Paramount Pictures)

The spin-off “Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins”, however, turns the clock back years and tells the origin story of the silent ninja Snake Eyes (Henry Golding). As a boy, he has to watch his father being brutally murdered and years later he seeks revenge. He saves the life of the traitor Tommy (Andrew Koji), which binds the fate of the two together for all time. For the film, Henry Golding took on the lead role of Darth Maul actor Ray Park, who embodied the character in the first two parts. The spin-off was originally supposed to appear in October 2020, but was postponed to August 2021 due to the corona pandemic.

Do you recognize the films by a picture? Test your knowledge of Dwayne Johnson:

“The Rock” quiz: Only a Dwayne Johnson expert can get 8/10 points!

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