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That became the son of Will Smith in the movie!

“Independence Day” was one of THE cult films of the 90s! The sci-fi cracker is still very popular today. Not only Will Smith, but above all his film son played himself in the hearts of the audience – the role was played by Ross Elliott Bagley. But what is the actor doing today?

Ross Elliott Bagley was a celebrated child star in the 1990s. He became world famous alongside Will Smith in the blockbuster “Independence Day”. The film is about an attack by aliens – people try to fight it off. Bill Pullman, Jeff Goldblum and Will Smith want to save the world from disaster in the flick. In 1996, the flick was the most successful feature film of the year.

Ross Elliott Bagley became a star through the film

Ross Elliott Bagley played Will Smith’s apartment in Independence Day. But he had his first roles long before the sci-film film. The actor made his film debut in 1994 in “Die kleine Superstrolche” – at the time he was not even 6 years old. This was followed by “A Pig called Babe” (1995) and “Eye for an Eye” (1996). Only then did “Independence Day” follow, where it had its big breakthrough. The actor was not only seen in films, but also in a number of series – including “The Prince of Bel Air” (1994-1996), “Profiler” (1996), “Providence” (1999), “Expedition of the Gooseberries” (1999 ) and “Just in case, Amy” (2004). For his roles he received the “Young Artist Awards” several times for best actor under 10 years of age.

That’s what the actor does today

He later retired from the acting business for over a decade – but then made his comeback in front of the camera. Among other things, he was then seen in the horror film “Legend”. He also studied theater and film studies. He now works successfully as a real estate agent and already has a son himself. It remains to be seen whether he himself will follow in his father’s footsteps at some point. Already read? Karate Kid: This is what Jaden Smith is doing today!

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