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SNL Star: That’s what kisses were like with Kristen Stewart and Chris Pratt

Kiss Kristen Stewart (30) once. Or Chris Pratt (41). Or Ryan Gosling (40). For many it is and will remain just a dream. actress Vanessa Bayer (39) was allowed to smooch with all three Hollywood stars. As part of the Saturday Night Live ensemble, it was part of their job, but most of them should certainly be able to imagine more unpleasant things than joining Kristen or Ryan to get so close. But which lip service was the best? In an interview did Vanessa times tried on a kiss ranking.

“They were all wonderful for different reasons,” said the American on the show Watch What Happens Live. Compared to host Andy Cohen (52), she further revealed: “Kristen Stewart and I really kissed for a while. With Ryan Gosling it was more of a cuddling of our characters. I was so nervous, but then he was so funny during the skit – he improvised so much. “In 2015 she was allowed to kiss the” La La Land “star in front of the camera. A year earlier was already Chris Pratt been on. Avoid a final ranking Vanessa but. She only let you know this much: Kissing Kristen Stewart was “incredible”. Obviously, one can be jealous of Kisten’s partner.

A little secret took hold Vanessa but then still out. “Well, I can tell you that I played a role in developing all of these skits”she confided in Andy. Who can blame her …

Chris Pratt, Hollywood star
Kristen Stewart at the World Premiere for Snow White and the Huntsman in May 2012
Ryan Gosling, actor



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