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Predator – Jean-Claude Van Damme fired, new part filmed by Dan Trachtenberg

Did you already know that the iconic Predator that we got to know and love in the 80s and that in the last three decades has resulted in lots of merchandise such as masks or figures that should never exist in the form we know?

Originally a completely different design was planned, which was changed in the middle of the shooting. How come? Because the actor who briefly impersonated the murderous creature was fired, and only because his body was being shot dehydrated.

Bill Duke, who was allowed to keep his role as Mac unlike his unfortunate colleague, broke into one In the current interview, he was silent and revealed the chain reaction that led to the kicking of an actor who, despite this unpleasant experience in the tough film business, was able to assert himself:

The Predator – smart, scary and utterly deadly! © Fox / Disney

Fired for fainting

«The colleague wore a kind of camouflage suit and was catapulted high into the trees of the jungle with wires attached, as if he were really and truly flying. But apparently all of this was way too much for his body, because in the meantime he was dehydrated twice. The producer finally threatened to expel him if this impossible behavior occurs again.«

“The actor then made it clear that he was not doing this on purpose, but that he was dehydrated. About two weeks later the whole thing was repeated and the mime fainted again, which actually resulted in the man being fired – this actor was none other than Jean-Claude Van Damme! “

Jean-Claude Van Dammes stepping stone as an actor: Bloodsport. © Cannon Film

Jean-Claude Van Damme celebrated his breakthrough after being kicked out

That the Belgian from Predator-Set was referenced didn’t stop him from making a name for himself as an action star in Hollywood. Works like Bloodsport (1988), Kickboxer (1989) or Concentrated load (1991) made the 61-year-old as well known and popular as Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sylvester Stallone were before him.

Would the original version of the Predator, which director John McTiernan originally envisioned in 1987, have become as iconic as version 2.0? We’ll almost certainly never find out. We only know that the creepy creature was much smaller in the original version and that the special effects would have been integrated afterwards.

What we also found out a few months ago was that director Dan Trachtenberg was working on a brand new offshoot called Skulls is working. The filmmaker wanted to keep this information secret until the film was released, but the digital age made the creator of 10 Cloverfield Lane (where, by the way, for a long time they wanted to conceal the fact that this was a sequel to the 2008 monster film Cloverfield act) thwarted the bill and ultimately ruined his big surprise for the fans.

One classic, three failed attempts – will number 5 be like the original?

At least Trachtenberg managed to hide more precise details about his franchise restart until after the shooting ended – but the information that the last mouth fell a few days ago was apparently not quite intended for the public either, but not all of that on the set Crew members have noticed.

When cameraman Jeff Cutter confirmed the end of the shoot on his Instagram account, it wasn’t long before the post was removed. Was there an uncomfortable phone call here? That it is with Skulls is supposed to be about an origin story, the Lord has already leaked.

As a fan, it is to be hoped that a film awaits us that can compete with the quality of the original, because unfortunately none of the previous sequels have been rated positively by either specialist critics or fans. So whether Trachtenberg can make it possible to break this curse?

Couldn’t convince fans in 2018: The Predator by Shane Black. © Fox / Disney

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