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Offset makes fun of Cardi B lying in her songs

By Renée Diehl on 09/12/2021 – 2:06 pm

Shortly after the birth of his second child with Cardi B, Offset is apparently on vacation in Dubai. On the trip he made the acquaintance of some wild animals – and barely escaped the attack of a young lioness.

Lucky: Lioness snaps at Offset

Dubai is not only known for its beaches, the Burj Khalifa and numerous influencer trips, but also for the fact that many people keep exotic animals there. That is why many holidaymakers visit such places – petting a real lion once in a lifetime is probably a dream for many. Offset also took the opportunity on his current visit to Dubai and stroked a young lioness. Most people should be aware that this is not entirely risk-free. After all, they are wild animals – regardless of whether they are very young or not. The Migos rapper (now streaming on Apple Music) was visibly frightened when the lioness suddenly snapped at him and jumped straight up. Fortunately, thanks to his good reaction skills, he was able to get to safety quickly. The rapper himself shared the video of the incident on Instagram:

Offset and Cardi B are parents of two

His wife Cardi B must have been pleased that Offset was just able to save himself from the lion attack. It was only last week that she gave birth to her second child together with the Migos rapper. According to Daughter Kulture, this time the two were able to welcome a boy into their family. In a statement by the couple it says:

“We are overjoyed to finally get to know our son. He is already getting so much love from family and friends and we can hardly wait to introduce him to his other siblings.”

The son of the two must have already met his big sister Kulture. However, Offset has three other children from previous relationships, whom the little one will probably only get introduced to.

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