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Nicolas Cage: The Oscar Winner’s Craziest Films – From “Wicker Man” to “Pig”


Nicolas Cage is a great actor – if he wants to be. But Cage only has a lot of fun when he can really exaggerate, as these 8 crazy films prove.

The many faces of Nicolas Cage

The many faces of Nicolas Cage (Source: / Collage: Netzwelt)

The days of the big Hollywood blockbusters seem to be over for Nicolas Cage, but that doesn’t mean that Cage takes a rest. On the contrary, while other actors make at most two films in a year, it is not uncommon for Cage to make five or six.

Cage loves acting and makes no distinction between a small direct-to-DVD production or a movie. As long as he likes the project (or the money is right), Cage gives everything.

Cage’s playing is often a bit “uninhibited”, but one shouldn’t forget that Nicolas Cage is an Oscar winner who has already proven what he’s made of several times. So Cage is not a bad actor, just special. This is why Cage films, as different as they may be, have now become their own genre.

In the list below you will find some of the craziest films that Nicolas Cage starred in. It is not infrequently thanks to Cage that these titles stand out from the crowd and are remembered.

Films like “Con Air” or “The Rock” are missing from our list, because they are beyond any doubt and Cage is entertaining in them, but not as unpredictable as one is used to from him.

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