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Nanu? Here is Hugh Jackman walking around with a toothbrush in his mouth

These photos should make some Hugh Jackman (51) fans smile! Most recently, the Golden Globe winner was seen in the musical film “The Greatest Showman” and the drama Logan – The Wolverine on the big screen. The actor is currently in front of the camera for his latest project: In the thriller “Reminiscence”, the X-Men star plays a war veteran. Super funny pictures were taken on the film set: Hugh brushing his teeth on the street!

Some paparazzi snapped the 51-year-old a few days ago during a break in filming in Louisiana. Judging by a Tupperware jar in his hand, Hugh had apparently had a meal shortly before – and then had no desire to step in front of the cameras with bits of food between his teeth: Arm with a small travel toothbrush, he freshened up for the next scenes. On closer inspection, there was even a bit of toothpaste foam on his mouth.

Singer Nick Jonas (27) should also have devoted himself better to dental hygiene before one of his recent appearances! When he recently performed at the Grammys with his Jonas Brothers, he actually had spinach among the pearly whites. “Now at least you all know that I finish my vegetables,” he said after the concert. Apparently he took the embarrassing incident with humor.

Hugh Jackman on the set of Reminiscence in Louisiana
Actor Hugh Jackman on the set of “Reminiscence” in Louisiana
The Jonas Brother at the Grammys in LA in January 2020

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