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Mark Wahlberg rocks his “Uncharted” outfit ·

After Tom Holland appeared as Nathan Drake, Mark Wahlberg is now following with his special revelation as Sully.


The “Uncharted” filming went through a production rollercoaster ride, but now the shooting is drawing to a close. Just recently, Tom Holland publicly presented himself as Nathan Drake – the “Spider-Man” star didn’t cut a bad figure. But many fans are also looking forward to Sully, Drake’s mentor. This is played by Mark Wahlberg, who was originally also a Nathan Drake actor. Now the actor has published a picture in which he presents his Sully clothes.

You can see a green shirt with white patterns. Fans of the video game series “Uncharted” will immediately recognize the costume that Viktor Sullivan wore when he first met Nathan Drake. Could that be a clue to the plot of the film? After all, Mark Wahlberg confirmed in an interview with Comicbook that the “Uncharted” film will thematize the beginnings of the two characters. Wahlberg had already shown himself to be in a bad mood Sully, whom you can see here:

With an expressive mustache, Wahlberg speaks badly to the camera: “Don’t ask, just don’t ask”. The sight is certainly a cause for relief for many, because earlier pictures of the shooting showed Wahlberg without the distinctive mustache. As a result, some fans feared that Sully would not be shown correctly. After this announcement at the latest, all doubts should be eliminated. In addition, the hair gelled back and the vulgar expression are further indications for an equal Sully actor.

Tom Holland promises a fantastic Sully

The fears were great, but it seems that the “Uncharted” film has hit the character design well. Of course, this is no guarantee of an optimal video game adaptation, but Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg could possibly mark a turning point. Holland seems to be at least enthusiastic about Wahlberg’s portrayal, as he revealed in an interview with IGN (via comic book): “Mark Wahlberg will be incredible as Sully. The stunt department that we have here in Berlin does a fantastic job, they prepare the stunts – and they’ll be pretty exciting in the end. “

What exactly awaits us in “Uncharted” remains behind closed doors. However, Mark Wahlberg has already indicated that it will be the beginnings of Nathan Drake and Sully. So an “Uncharted 2” movie could well be possible. But first, the first film adaptation has to score with the audience. The video game adaptation starts on June 15, 2021 in German cinemas.

“Uncharted” is full of action. But do you also know your way around these action films? Check it out here:

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