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Leonardo DiCaprio and many more: US stars insistently demand: We have to count all votes – entertainment

Leonardo DiCaprio is politically active. Photo: Birdie Thompson / AdMedia / ImageCollect

Who will win the US presidential election? Stars like Leonardo DiCaprio are demanding under the hashtag #CountEveryVote that every vote must be counted.

It’s a close race for the White House. Incumbent Donald Trump (74) has already declared himself the winner on election night, although not all votes have been counted in several US states. He even threatened to have the US Supreme Court stop the further counting. Trump’s statement meets with great opposition. Using the hashtag #CountEveryVote, numerous US stars are calling for every vote to count.

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From DiCaprio to Theron: Stars call for patience

Oscar winner Leonardo DiCaprio (45, “The Revenant”) published two photos on an official Instagram account. The first says, “Every American counts. Every vote counts.” The black and white picture shows a long line of people in front of a polling station. The second picture also shows a queue, but a much longer one. You can read about it: “Before November 3rd, 102 million votes had already been cast. We have to count all the votes.”

Singer Katy Perry (36), her colleague Demi Lovato (28) and actress Kerry Washington (43, “Scandal”), among others, post the same message on their social media profiles and also use the hashtag #CountEveryVote. “Friends” star Jennifer Aniston (51) spreads a similar message in her Instagram story. It also says: “Counting every vote may take longer this year. That’s okay. It means that our democracy is working.”

Actor Josh Gad (39, “Beauty and the Beast”) tweeted shortly after Trump’s speech: “Trump is scared. He knows he’s going to lose. If he dares to steal that election before every vote is counted, we’ll take to the streets on an unprecedented number. #CountEveryVote.”

Oscar winner Charlize Theron (45, “Bombshell”) advertised patience on her Twitter account on election day: “Our democracy is based on the right to vote and the belief that every vote counts. We have to wait until millions of postal votes are counted.” After that she put the hashtag #WaitForIt, in English “Wait for it”.

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