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Julia Roberts shows how eco-glam works

Julia Roberts
This is how eco-glam works!

Julia Roberts

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Julia Roberts has hardly shown herself in Los Angeles for years. Now she’s back and shows how work-life balance can work

A good thousand miles lie between Los Angeles and Taos / New Mexico. Julia Roberts, 51, needed this distance to raise their three children together with husband Danny Moder, 50, in peace. Now – the twins Hazel and Phinnaeus are 14, son Henry is eleven – she has withdrawn from the tranquil province into the epicenter of the film industry. In the luggage: a lifestyle that seeks the balance between the glamor of Hollywood and mindful family life. The focus of their eco-estate in Malibu is therefore also a disgusting piece of concrete – the skater track for the kids. Here the once highest paid actress in the world often sits on a wooden bench and watches as the three try out new figures and tricks.

Julia Roberts shows up on Instagram

For years, Julia Roberts was only drawn to the red carpet when she had her own film to promote – and that was the case at most twice a year. “Julia is still a workhorse, but she just doesn’t want to be separated from her family. It’s desperate,” said a well-known Hollywood agent in an interview with GALA. In the past few months, however, the 2001 Oscar winner has been breeding again more often for society events – Julia Roberts shows up again, even with her own Instagram account, but that doesn’t mean that she wants to get back on track.

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Julia Roberts enjoys eco-living

She also earns money by buying and pimping real estate cheaply. In addition to her ranch in Taos, Julia Roberts owns three houses in Malibu in the Point Dume area: a run-down villa that she had lavishly renovated and which has been renting out for $ 10,000 a month since the fall. And their personal icing on the cake; two closely spaced plots on which she continues to refine her idea of ​​eco-living. She even keeps her own bees. She also planted a lavender garden (she uses the flowers for scented bowls), grows orange trees (ingredients for smoothies) and recently planted her vegetables in raised beds (for the sake of snails). The vegetarian cooks exclusively herself: “And she loves to do it. I don’t have any convenience food, everything is fresh,” she once said to GALA. The highlight of her Malibu home: Thanks to the exclusive location of the property, the family has – besides only half a dozen others Local residents including Matthew McConaughey, Owen Wilson, Anthony Kiedis and Chris Martin – access to “Little Dume Beach”, the smallest beach in Malibu.

Julia Roberts: Between a children’s chauffeur and yoga

The normal daily routine? In the morning, either Julia Roberts or her husband take the children to a private school in Topanga Canyon, chauffeur them to soccer practice or play dates in the afternoon and in the meantime practice yoga in the zen room of their property. Despite all rumors, the marriage with the cameraman has remained stable for seventeen years. The advantage of the proximity to Hollywood: friends like Denzel Washington and talk master David Letterman now come by more often. Also niece Emma, ​​actress, and sister Lisa, with whom Julia runs the production company “Red Om Films”. The area behind the camera is increasingly appealing to Julia Roberts, also because she has more freedom as a producer to live her life according to her own ideas design.


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