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Jennifer Lawrence: Embarrassing fecal dispute in the drug intoxication

Jennifer Lawrence worried about the gut of a female guest at TV presenter Ellen DeGeneres’ birthday party!

Jennifer Lawrence has already indicated in the past that she is not afraid to fart in front of her partner. The Hollywood star is even of the opinion that it is important to “deflate” regularly. So there was a rather bizarre situation when she went high on a woman who just didn’t want to empty her bowels in the ladies room!

Hollywood star Jennifer Lawrence smoked a joint at Ellen DeGeneres’ birthday party

Jennifer Lawrence has never been shy about her most embarrassing moments. For example, she said that she was rummaging around in Kim Kardashian’s closet, naked and drunk. And now the Hollywood star has even gone one better! The 28-year-old revealed in an interview with Howard Stern that she smoked a joint at an Ellen DeGeneres birthday party and then embarrassed herself with a really embarrassing act. “I wanted to go home and I was looking for my company. But my company wasn’t ready to go. So I smoked a joint with a couple of rappers, ”said Jennifer Lawrence. But that was her big mistake! “This stuff is different. So I plunged into another universe, ”revealed the 28-year-old.

Jennifer Lawrence needs to be reassured by security!

When Jennifer Lawrence went to the bathroom, it came to a rather bizarre moment. One woman vehemently resisted going to the bathroom in front of the actress. And that even though it was her turn first. Jennifer Lawrence realized pretty quickly why the woman had such a big problem with it. “And I was like, ‘She has to poop. This poor woman just has to poop, ”says the actress. So Jennifer Lawrence left the bathroom, cleared the way for her and said, “Look, you just gotta poop”. She, on the other hand, didn’t really know what the 28-year-old wanted from her and protested that she didn’t have to.
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Then even a security guard intervened. Jennifer Lawrence explained: “Suddenly the security grabs me because I hadn’t noticed that I was touching the woman’s shoulders, she shook and shouted: ‘YOU have to poop! You have to poop! ‘”. As Jennifer Lawrence revealed, the security employee had a lot of fun and “laughed out loud”. The 28-year-old explained: “He said: ‘You can’t just grab her. But i agree with you. She has to poop. ” Then she continued, “He and I were laughing on the floor. In the end, the woman started laughing too ”. As Jennifer Lawrence revealed in an interview with Howard Stern, the woman was not a celebrity. “I have to find out who she is. I have to apologize, ”said the actress. But at least the whole thing had something good for her: “I’m on my way back to McDonald’s”.

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