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“I’ve shaken a bit”

The former “Tagesschau” spokeswoman celebrated its premiere with a new format after switching to ProSieben. Linda Zervakis showed a whole new side of herself. Read here how the show was received by viewers.

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“I’m new here at the station,” says former Tagesschau spokeswoman Linda Zervakis, who, together with her colleague Matthias Opdenhövel, will from now on always serve a 120-minute current mix of politics and society at the beginning of the week.

One thing quickly becomes apparent: Zervakis, in a gray trouser suit and white high heels, appears extremely confident, almost exuberant and happy – although politically difficult topics are also dealt with. The new TV format “Zervakis & Opdenhövel. Live” suits the 46-year-old who says about herself Having “worked in shifts for almost 20 years” and “rather not” wanting to know what she did to her body with it.

Zervakis said in advance that the show’s motto was to explain relationships in such a way that “all viewers can easily understand them”. Right at the beginning, the two talked to the singer Aryana Sayeed, the so-called “Kim Kardashian of Afghanistan”, who reports on her dramatic escape from Kabul and, together with the war correspondent and political scientist Düzen Tekkal, about the situation of women in the country on Hindu Kush speaks.

Kubicki goes “to the Hotel Adlon in the men’s room”

In between, the audience accompanies politicians who answer questions from citizens with whom they are traveling in a taxi in Berlin. One voter would like to know from FDP veteran Wolfgang Kubicki who, in his opinion, would be a good chancellor? His answer, you can guess it maybe: “I can’t think of any.”

Kubicki does not skimp on criticism in other respects either: he considers Foreign Minister Maas to be the “worst foreign minister” the Federal Republic has ever had. At some point you see the Vice President of the German Bundestag eating a currywurst before you finally learn from him that he is now going “to the Adlon”, namely “to the men’s room”. Labor Minister Hubertus Heil also answers questions from concerned citizens. His answers, however, are so rich in phrases and from the rhetorical text construction kit that you immediately forget them.

At the joint beer tasting with James Blunt, the presenters are fooling around wonderfully and Zervakis, who shows a completely different side of herself in the new program, pokes fun at herself and says: “I look so incredibly youthful”. You can see the scenes in the video above or here see.

And of course it can be funny in between, although the number with James Blunt probably arouses involuntarily reminiscences of the legendary appearance of Tom Hanks in the “Wetten, dass ..?” Show by Markus Lanz.

“A nerd with glasses and a cool woman”

In the “ZOL BUZZ” section, Zervakis and Opdenhövel see what was going on over the week on Twitter and Instagram. Who was the #Held derWoche? Hansi Flick. And why can there be house searches because someone tweets the word “dick” as an insult?

All in all, the new television format is reminiscent of a mixture of “stern TV” and an entertainment show at prime time with a touch of late night talk. Before James Blunt ends the show with his new song, a family who lost all their belongings in the flood disaster on the Ahr reports from their everyday lives, from the many volunteers and the gratitude they feel.

“I was a bit shaky,” admits Linda Zervakis in her final moderation. “Moderating live for two hours” is something different than speaking the “Tagesschau” for 15 minutes. Perhaps she clung to her index cards a little too much at first, smiled too much in one place or another, or nervously brushed a strand of hair off her face.

None of this has spoiled the successful and more than sympathetic start. Especially in direct comparison with Maybrit Illner and Oliver Köhr, Zervakis and Opdenhövel seem like a well-coordinated team. “A nerd with glasses and a cool woman”, as Opdenhövel says nonchalantly: Or: two who harmonize well with each other. Everything done right at ProSieben.

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