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Hugh Jackman’s wife Deborra-Lee Furness talks about their adopted children

“To me, family means that you feel safe,” Deborra-Lee proudly reveals in an interview. “I always say, ‘We all need to know that we are special.’ So with the family you always know that you are important in someone else’s life. “

Her son Oscar is a native of Bosnia and his sister Ava is originally from Mexico. Deborra-Lee and her husband have always fully respected their children’s legacy. “When my son was younger, he found out that he was partly Bosnian, so we got this Croatian-Bosnian cookbook and he was very proud to carry it around when he was seven,” recalls the Australian . “My daughter has Mexican roots, so we were in Mexico.” This enabled the teenager to empathize with where she was born.

While much of her upbringing has been influenced by her own mother, she is aware that her children “have their own ancestry,” says Deborra-Lee. But she always encouraged the children to get involved with their origins. Knowing that their children come from different countries makes them more open to the world themselves. In her opinion, being so different is a big challenge, but it also makes everything more exciting.

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