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Hollywood: Julia Roberts has been a Hollywood star for 30 years – and you can barely see the time

Of course, Julia Roberts looks somehow different today than before – and that’s a good thing. Who wants to look like they did when they were 21 at the age of 51? There are more desirable goals. But how Roberts has managed to look radiant and fresh in her rare public appearances to this day, and that after more than 30 years in the stressful film business – one would love to know.

While she likes to mention her good genes, healthy eating and, most importantly, the ability to accept herself, it’s fair to assume that there are other secrets. As a Hollywood star who has already earned up to $ 20 million per film, you don’t even walk the red carpet in your mind.

Your smile is contagious

Of course, Julia Roberts also has wrinkles, but who cares? It is not the smooth skin that makes it beautiful. It’s the alert eyes, the full lips, the broad smile. And yet it’s hard to believe that this woman, who hasn’t changed a bit since “Pretty Woman”, has been in the business for so long.

It was 1989 when she made her big break. Back then she was in the drama “Magnolias Made of Steel” – and got an Oscar nomination for best supporting actress. It was not her first role, including the previous year in “Pizza Pizza – Ein Stck vom Himmel”. She had already been on stage as a child – inspired by her big brother Eric.

Julia Roberts in 1990 at a film festival & ndash;  That year, & ldquo; Pretty Woman & ldquo;  to the hit movie.

Julia Roberts at a film festival in 1990 – that was the year “Pretty Woman” became a hit movie. | Image: Mychele Daniau / AFP

In 1989, a crucial year for his career, Roberts shot the romance “Pretty Woman”. The film, which again earned her an Ocar nomination, had more than ten million viewers in Germany.

& ldquo; Pretty Woman & ldquo;  starring Richard Gere and Julia Roberts became a worldwide success & ndash;  here the poster for the film.

“Pretty Woman” with Richard Gere and Julia Roberts in the leading roles was a worldwide success – here is the poster for the film. | Image: dpa

For “The Enemy in My Bed” (1991) she received a seven-figure fee for the first time, with “Notting Hill”, “Erin Brokovich” and “Ocean’s Eleven” other hit movies followed. But: Roberts has by far not only made good films in three decades.

She doesn’t let herself be stressed by that – and not even by Hollywood. Maybe behind her relaxed appearance is the at least temporarily normal life that she leads. Roberts is married to cameraman Danny Moder (50), whom she met at work in 2000.

The family avoids the limelight

Moder is rarely on the red carpet, and Roberts’ twins Hazel and Phinnaeus (14) and son Henry (11) are not seen in public either. She doesn’t even give her 6.1 million Instagram fans the private insights she hoped for.

Roberts doesn’t miss the glamor life: “Not a minute. I had all of that in abundance. I am also grateful for that, because my public life has made it possible for me to no longer have to run to work every day. “

She only takes on roles sporadically, including in “Eat Pray Love” (2010) and most recently in “Ben Is Back” and the Amazon series “Homecoming”. Perhaps her children will follow in her footsteps – the talent runs in the family.

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