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German voice of Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt died

Michael Deffert was 53 years old
German voice of Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt died

He lent Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp his voice, but also played in many productions himself: The actor and voice actor Michael Deffert is dead. He died on June 13 at the age of 53 in a Berlin clinic.

This was confirmed by the radio play producer Heikedine Körting, who claims to be friends with Deffert, on Friday. The “Bild” newspaper had previously reported.

In the 90s, the Hamburg native had guest roles in “Tatort” or “Wolffs Revier”, he also played in the series “SK-Babies”. He spoke Johnny Depp in “Cry-Baby” and in “Arizona Dream”, Brad Pitt in “Thelma & Louise”.

There was no information on the exact cause of death. “I was with him the days before. It all happened incredibly quickly. Michael was like a brother to me, ”said his friend and colleague Florian Fitz of“ Bild ”. According to Fitz, his ashes are said to be scattered on a certain mountain in Kenya. “There he did a lot of research for one of his films and also lived with the Maasai. We will fulfill this wish for him too. It is also in his will. “

Deffert got to know the producer Heikedine Körting as a speaker in the 80s youth series “Die Funk-Füchse”, and he was also involved in her famous long-running hit “The Three Question Marks”. He was a very warm and extraordinary person, a star among the speakers. His elephant project was particularly close to his heart.

(felt / dpa)

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