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Fiancé Sam Asghari in fact check – Before Britney he toiled for Camila Cabello as a construction worker


Britney Spears announced their engagement on Sunday. We have the answers to the most common questions about fitness trainer Sam Asghari.

Pop icon Britney Spears (39) announced her engagement to fitness trainer Sam Asghari (27).

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  • The singer Britney Spears (39) posted a video on Instagram on Sunday in which she announced her engagement to Sam Asghari (27).

  • The two have been a couple for six years and met on the set of the “Slumber Party” music video.

  • But who is he actually? What did he do before Britney and how did they get to know each other?

They are newly engaged: On Sunday, pop icon Britney Spears (39) posted a video in which she proudly sticks her sparkling ring into the camera, making her engagement to fitness trainer Sam Asghari (27) public. Here are the most important questions and answers about his career and the relationship between the two.

Where is sam from

Sam Asghari was born in Iran in March 1994. He is the youngest of four siblings. In 2006 he moved to live with his father in Los Angeles, where he started a career as a fitness trainer, model and actor.

How successful is it really?

Sam is far less famous than his fiancée. Nevertheless, he has enjoyed a moment or two in the spotlight. In 2015 he modeled for reality TV star and fashion designer Michael Costello. He also appeared alongside singer Camila Cabello (24) as a construction worker in the music video “Work from Home” by the girl band Fifth Harmony, which appeared in 2016 and has meanwhile been clicked almost two and a half billion times.

At the same time, Sam started a career as a personal trainer. The 27-year-old regularly posts photos and videos of his workouts on social media. So he was able to make a name for himself as a fitness influencer. He also offers training courses as well as diet and nutrition advice on his website.

Where and when did he meet Britney?

The then 22-year-old met Britney, then 34, six years ago. The two met on the set of their “Slumber Party” music video. “I was excited to meet one of the greatest stars of all time and I had butterflies in my stomach,” Sam said at the time to the magazine “Men’s Health”. He immediately used his chance to speak to the singer.

The attempt at flirting backfired, however. “I wanted to be funny and asked her name. But that didn’t go over well, »Sam told the magazine. Nevertheless, he managed to engage Britney in a conversation. “We talked for a long time about our favorite food, sushi,” he recalls. At the end of the day of shooting, he secretly slipped her his phone number.

How long have the two been a couple?

After getting to know each other on the set, she called him immediately, Britney said in a radio interview in 2017. “I thought he was incredibly cute,” said the singer. The two immediately arranged to meet on a date. From then on everything happened by itself. “I found him to be a very funny person,” said Britney. In January 2017, she finally made the relationship public.

Does Sam want to have children?

Britney already has two sons from her past marriage to dancer Kevin Federline – Sean (15) and Jayden (15). Sam has no children yet – at least so far: «I want to take the next step. I want to be a young father, “Sam told Forbes magazine in March. So it is quite possible that there will soon be a new family member among the newly engaged!

How does it affect your life?

Sam has been a constant in Britney’s life for years. “He’s a positive light in her world,” an insider told USA Today in May 2019: “He’s like a dream come true for her.”

Britney also raves about her sweetheart again and again. “He has got through my best as well as my hardest years with me,” wrote Britney recently on Instagram. Saying yes to each other and being there for each other in both good and bad times should no longer be a problem for them.

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