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Fantastic Beasts: Can HE Replace Johnny Depp?

Unfortunately, “Fantastic Beasts” is not the sure-fire success that the makers of the film series would have hoped for. The film series has to deal with a lot of trouble, with actor Johnny Depp recently fired because of controversy. His successor, Mads Mikkelsen, who will take on the role of the villain Grindelwald from the third part, spoke about his character in an interview. Can he replace Depp?

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“That would be creative suicide”

In an interview with Collider, the actor spoke about making the role of Grindelwald his own: “Nobody is interested in me going in there and trying to copy something. That would be creative suicide, especially if it was played so masterfully beforehand.“But he is also aware that he is a”Build a bridge“Must be between Depp’s representation and his own,”whether that’s a certain look or a certain behavior in certain situations, but you have to make it your own.“Because everything else, according to the actor,”is stupid from a creative point of view“. Seems like Mikkelsen has everything under control! That is also necessary with this series of films.

Fantastic beasts have to fight

Because “Fantastic Beasts” is about to end! The film series that tells the story of Newt Scamander has always had a bit of a struggle. Part 2 of the series, which is supposed to consist of five parts, was unfortunately quite confused and did not go down well with the fans for several reasons. Anyone who has always caused controversy was Depp, whose private scandals led to his dismissal. Now that Mikkelsen is on board, the wind could still turn – the next part will actually decide whether the film series will continue or not. We hope so, because “Fantastic Beasts” has brought something completely new to the well-known world of wizards and witches from “Harry Potter” with all the story-technical stumbling blocks. It would be a shame if the story suddenly ended before it could really pick up speed!

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