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Emma Watson: Hot love rumors – what about “Harry Potter” colleagues?

Is Emma Watson dating a Harry Potter colleague?

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Is Emma Watson dating any of her “Harry Potter” colleagues? An Instagram post causes speculation. The fans are absolutely over the moon. Who is it?

Cape Town – The Harry Potter series of books and films has not only shaped an entire generation. Even today, the adventures involving Hermione, Harry and Ron cast a spell over children around the world. It goes without saying that the fans also watch the main actors’ social media channels. Only a photo of Emma Watson, who played Hermione Granger, together with the villain of the “Harry Potter” series, “Draco Malfoy”: Tom Felton caused a sensation and speculation. Are the two lovers?

Harry Potter Speculations: Are Emma Watson and Tom Felton A Couple?

In the “Harry Potter” world that would have been unimaginable: Hermione, a “Gryffindor” who dated Malfoy, a “Slytherin”. In reality, that’s exactly what happened and “Harry Potter” fans are completely over the moon. It has been an open secret since 2011 that Emma was once in love with Tom. Since then, however, the two have only appeared as good friends in public.

Like across from Emma Seventeen admitted that Tom was the first boy she was terribly in love with. But Tom didn’t reciprocate her feelings. “We talked about it and we still laugh about it. We’re really good friends now and that’s cool, ”said Emma at the time. But is that still true?

Emma Watson reveals how her relationship status is actually in November in Vogue. One rarely hears their answer.

Emma Watson and Tom Felton: Love Speculations on Instagram

The current postings on Instagram by Tom Felton made the fans freak out and hope that there is more going on between the two than “just” friendship. A snapshot from South Africa shows that the chemistry between the two is just right. Emma and Tom sit intimate together on a sofa in their pajamas. She looks very focused at the guitar while he shows her which guitar strings to put her fingers on. Tom himself wrote under the picture in which he teaches Emma to play the guitar that she is a quick learner. Finally he added an “x”, which means something like “kiss”.

Even with this post, the followers were euphoric. “Oh my god!”, Wrote a fan. Another follower wrote: “They are sooo cute together!”

Emma Watson and Tom Felton: Second Instagram picture fuels speculation

Another Instagram post that Tom published the same day finally left followers speculating that the two are a couple. Tom posted a photo showing him on the beach. Actually nothing unusual. But who took this photo? He titled his post with “EW” and fueled speculation with the initials of Emma Watson.

“The first love never dies,” wrote one user, referring to Emma’s admission that she was once in love with Tom. “DRAMIONE is reality!” Is another comment and a reference to the names of the two as actors in “Harry Potter”, Hermione and Draco Malfoy.

Almost a year ago, Emma Watson hit the headlines because of a mysterious new man by her side. Time will tell what is really behind the speculation this time. One thing is certain, however: Emma and Tom as official lovers would absolutely delight the fans.

Another star from the movies got married in the meantime.

Actually, the American actress just wanted to post a cute photo with her dog. When a user mistook her for Emma Watson, the “Mad Men” star had a joke.


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