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Daniel Radcliffe wants these characters

Don’t feel old now: The theatrical release of “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” is 20 years ago! As unbelievable as that is, the question whether there could be a remake of the films in the near future is all the more justified. After all, rumors have been circulating in the past that the story of the young wizard and his friends would return to the screens as a series.

A cool idea! However, completely unimaginable for fans of the first hour that Harry, Ron, Hermione & Co. could be embodied by other actors. After all, we still associate the actors with the roles they played back then. So will Rupert Grint always stay Ron and Emma Watson Hermione. Even Daniel Radcliffe, who landed the role of eleven-year-old Harry Potter in 2001, is still two decades later and all roles in other films later, for the fans the Harry Potter.

A fate that many actors from well-known franchises have to contend with …

Harry Potter: will Daniel Radcliffe be in a remake?

If he has his way, the Potterheads don’t have to do without the actor if a remake actually occurs.

“I probably would Sirius or Lupine want to take. With these two characters, I always thought to myself, ‘They are great.’ And of course I’m also biased by my experience of filming these scenes with these people and they are some of my dearest memories, “said the now 32-year-old, as Moderator Josh Horowitz him in that “Happy Sad Confused” podcast (via The Wrap) then asked what role he would like to play in a possible remake of the saga.

His acting colleagues have also often revealed that they are not averse to new ones “Harry Potter”– Movies showing up as other characters. So announced Draco Malfoy actor Tom Felton ever that he could well imagine, Draco’s father Lucius Malfoy to play. “I would do it right away!” He promised.

Harry Potter: fans take remake into their own hands!

So far, however, the reboot plans have unfortunately only come from the fantasies of the fans. The series project was supported by Warner bros. never confirmed. But of course the footsteps that a remake would have to follow are very big!

If you still can’t get enough of the magical world, you could certainly do something with these film tips: “Voldemort: Origins of the Heir” and “Sisters of House Black” are, for example, two of the films that appeared in unofficial, but really great and lavishly designed productions by fans. You can watch the films free of charge at YouTube.

“Harry Potter” lovers will have to wait a little longer Summer 2022, to dive back into the magical world of the wizard student. The third part of “Fantastic Beasts” come to the cinemas.

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