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Crypto market is recovering slightly – Bitcoin with a small upswing

On Monday there were mostly slight corrections on the crypto market (Trending Topics reported). On Tuesday (September 14th) the situation looks a little better again. Some top currencies are experiencing a slight upswing. This also includes the bitcoin currency, which was hit last week after the legal approval in El Salvador. It has recorded a slight plus of two percent in the past 24 hours.

Crypto Market Still Correcting – Polkadot Rise

The value of Bitcoin is now around 38,700 euros. However, this is still a long way from a week ago, before the start of the Bitcoin law in El Salvador on #BitcoinDay it was 44,000 euros. The capitalization here is 727 billion euros. There is also an upturn in some other top currencies, especially the hype currency Solana, which was still down slightly on Monday.

The Bitcoin chart for the last 24 hours.  © CoinMarketCap
The Bitcoin chart for the last 24 hours. © CoinMarketCap

Solana achieved an increase of eight percent to 140 euros. The capitalization here is more than 41 billion euros. There is an increase of eight percent at Polkadot. Here the value is now 31 euros with a capitalization of 30 billion euros. The token of the young smart contract platform Avalanche is currently experiencing a constant rise. AVAX recorded an increase of six percent to almost EUR 47, with a capitalization of EUR 10.2 billion. In the past week there has been a growth of 20 percent. Avalanche is slowly emerging as a new potential Ethereum challenger. On the market as a whole, the capitalization is stable at 1.7 trillion euros.

Top stories

Coinbase takes on $ 1.5 billion in debt

The listed crypto trader Coinbase has announced that it wants to get another $ 1.5 billion on the capital market. However, this should not happen by issuing new shares, but on the private market. One wants to strengthen the “already strong balance sheet with inexpensive capital”, it says in a letter to investors. Coinbase wants to raise the billion sum through the sale of bonds and the associated guarantees (Trending Topics reported).

Coinbase plans to take on $ 1.5 billion in debt

El Salvador: Foreign Investors: Exempt from Bitcoin Income Tax

After the introduction of Bitcoin as legal tender, the Central American country El Salvador wants to take full advantage of its exceptional role and attract investors from all over the world. According to Bitcoin Magazine, the government wants to completely exempt foreign donors from the tax on Bitcoin profits. “If a person has fortunes in Bitcoin and is making big profits, there will be no taxes. This is done, of course, to encourage foreign investment. There are no taxes on the capital increase or on the income, ”explains Javier Argueta, legal advisor to President Nayib Bukele.

US miner Greenidge wants to go public after the merger

A new IPO in the field of crypto miners is imminent. New York-based Greenidge is close to finalizing a merger with customer and technical support solutions provider, according to Cointelegraph. Following the merger, Inc. will become a wholly owned subsidiary of miner Greenidge. As early as next Wednesday, the company should then go public on the Nasdaq tech stock exchange under the symbol GREE.

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