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Coronavirus: Matt Damon happily stranded in Ireland

Updated: May 18, 2020 – 9:16 pm

In love with his new home
Coronavirus: Matt Damon happily stranded in Ireland

Matt Damon is currently stuck in Ireland with his family.  When they can go home is still unclear.

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Matt Damon is currently stuck in Ireland with his family. When they can go home is still unclear.

Matt Damon came to Ireland earlier this year to shoot a film. When the corona crisis broke out a short time later, he decided to stay and couldn’t be happier.

Hollywood star Matt Damon is stranded in Ireland. After coming to the island with his family a few months ago, the actor would hardly have thought that this would be his home for the next few months. But he enjoys it and feels super comfortable.

Matt Damon is stuck in Ireland – and is happy

In early March, Matt Damon came to Ireland with his wife and three youngest children. There he actually wanted to work as an actor, but the shooting of his new film “The Last Duel” with star director Ridley Scott was interrupted because of the corona crisis. Then the Damons decided to just stay there. Since then, the superstar (“The Martian”) has lived in the affluent village of Dalkey, in the south of Dublin, where Irish celebrities such as U2 musician Bono have houses.

His new domicile is a rented house surrounded by the sea, wooded hills and the picturesque village within a two-kilometer radius of his quarantine. The city’s residents meet the A-list regularly because he loves to pass his time with long walks, jogging, swimming and drinking coffee in one of the city’s cute cafes.

Here is where a fan met the superstar when he came back from swimming:

Residents are happy about the prominent visit

Matt Damon tries to act as normal as possible. Like everyone else, he enjoys going to the beach and going on nature excursions with his family. The enthusiastic residents of the small town literally protect their new celebrities, as an interview with the superstar on the local radio station Spin 1038 now brought to light. “Did you know that the Dalkey people protect you like a precious jewel?” The radio host said he was kicked straight out of a villagers’ Facebook group after everyone heard he was trying to contact the famous newcomer for an interview. “Yes, I know! I had to laugh so much when I heard the story,” said the actor amused. He takes the current situation very seriously, but he and his family couldn’t have been better off in this time of crisis: “It feels like a fairy tale here.”

In fact, the locals are so excited about their newcomer that they nicknamed it “Matt O’Damon”. The “O” in front of the surname is special in Ireland and only few people wear it.

One restaurant owner in particular couldn’t believe his luck when Matt Damon wanted to eat with him. He had to share this with the whole world on Facebook:

So it goes on for him

In the radio interview, Matt Damon couldn’t get out of the rave. He and his family are surrounded by his most important people, great accommodation and everything that is important for life is close by. Of course what is happening in the world right now is terrible, but he makes the best of it. There is also quarantine in Ireland, which is why he is only allowed to move within a radius of two kilometers from his house. But that doesn’t bother him. “It’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been,” the actor told the local radio station.

Damon said he was “a little concerned” about returning to the US. “We don’t have adequate tests, so there will definitely be another wave of contagion.” Ireland is great because everyone is sticking to the safeguards.

The Damon family will be returning to Los Angeles at the end of the month. Then they will finally be reunited with the eldest daughter Alexia. The 21-year-old did not travel to Ireland, but stayed in New York for her studies. There she was infected with the corona virus, but now everything has survived well.

The actor even flew to Ireland for this director: Matt Damon is shooting a revenge film by Ridley Scott with Ben Affleck.

That was also strange: In the “Ellen Degeneres Show” Matt Damon tells that he stepped on a python snake.

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