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Concern about Ben Affleck: Will he slip into the next crisis after separation?

Other insiders suspect, however, that the breakup was actually due to Affleck’s alcohol and drug problems.

Already after his divorce from Jennifer Garner Affleck had slipped into a mental depression. The ex-couple announced in June 2015, just one day after their tenth wedding anniversary, that they were divorcing. Opposite to New York Times Affleck had once told that his divorce was the one thing in his life that he regretted most.

“You try to get out of the deep by eating or drinking, having sex, playing games, shopping or doing something else. That only makes your life worse. So you keep doing more of it to make up for your bad feeling drive away – and only then does the real pain begin. It is a vicious circle that you cannot escape “, so Affleckwho had previously completed withdrawal therapy due to his alcohol addiction.

Time will tell whether Ben Affleck will resort to unhealthy coping strategies again after breaking up with Ana de Armas. Opposite to New York Times Affleck had assured that he wanted to learn from his mistakes for the future. “It’s not really healthy for me to brood over my mistakes – the relapses – and get ready. I have certainly done things that I regret. But you have to collect yourself, learn from them and try to move on,” the actor had told in February of last year.

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