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Cameron Diaz: Now she’s pulling the rip cord

Cameron Diaz
Now she’s pulling the rip cord

Cameron Diaz

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Cameron Diaz has been trying everything to have a child for three years. A nightmare for their young marriage. Now the couple pulls the rip cord

She seems tired, sad, physically worn out. The otherwise cheerful and humorous actress is only a shadow of herself.

Cameron Diaz: She gave up her job because she wanted to have children

For three years now, Cameron Diaz, 48, and her husband Benji Madden, 39, have been trying to get pregnant – in vain. A burden that puts a lot of pressure on the blonde. Recently it was even said that she had been admitted to a psychiatric hospital because of the stress of pregnancy. She quit her job. In March Cami announced that he would not be filming any more for the time being. Hormone treatment like the one Cameron Diaz goes through is extremely time-consuming. Medication has to be taken regularly, the patient injects herself with high-dose hormones every day, and she has to have regular examinations and blood samples. And again and again hope and fear.

Psychological support

“A stressful situation,” explains the chief doctor of gynecology at the Berlin Charité, Mandy Mangler. She says the hormone doses themselves could lead to psychological changes. “In addition, the woman feels inadequate, which in turn puts a strain on the relationship.” That is why fertility clinics in this country also provide couples with a psychologist to deal with the stress of the nervous system, says Mangler. As GALA learned, Cameron Diaz is to attend counseling therapy with her husband, during which the couple can talk about their despair. Or about how it feels that, of all people, Benji’s twin brother Joel has two sweet, bright children with Nicole Richie. Definitely not an easy situation.

The actress and Benji Madden are considering adopting

But the couple found the courage to think about an alternative. An adoption process is said to have already been initiated. Sensible, says the gynecologist, because: “It will probably not work with Cameron Diaz’s eggs unless she has them removed and frozen beforehand.” Another alternative (prohibited in Germany) would be to have a foreign egg implanted. Mangler: “It is possible at any age. The probability that it will work is very high.” From Cameron Diaz’s environment, GALA knows: “She’s a fighter. When she reaches her limits, she really gives it another go.” Hopefully she won’t lose herself in the process.

Cameron Diaz




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