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Anne Hathaway opens up about pre-pregnancy issues


August 01, 2019 – 10:26 am clock

Open mail on attempted pregnancy and infertility

Anne Hathaway (36) recently posted a mirror selfie with a special message: a baby bump was clearly visible under her white top. The actress is expecting her second child with husband Adam Shulman (38), with whom she has been married since 2012. In the post, Hathaway also spoke about the problems she was having getting pregnant in the first place. In an interview with “Entertainment Tonight” on the sidelines of the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour, she explained why it was important to her to express herself about it.

Another pregnancy cannot be taken for granted

She is very happy with the pregnancy and is pleased that she can finally give her three-year-old son Jonathan a sibling, said the actress. The fact that Hathaway is pregnant for the second time is not a matter of course for the actress, as she already explained in her pregnancy post. To everyone “going through the hell of infertility and conception”, Hathaway wrote, she wanted to tell that it was not an “easy path” for their pregnancies: “I will send you an extra helping of love!”

Too often people keep silent

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Hathaway said: “I knew that someone could feel hurt by my announcement. And it wouldn’t be their fault, that’s how you feel when you want something so strongly and you have the feeling that it happens to everyone else except yourself. ” This person should know that they are a part of their story and that their story was “not all happy moments,” according to Hathaway. Too often there is silence about the painful moments that precede pregnancy, Hathaway added. “Part of that pain is that women think they’re the only ones going through it.”

New acting project

The actress presented her new project on the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour: “Modern Love” is an eight-part romcom series in which Lexi (Hathaway) tries to get her bipolarity under control and is looking for love is. “Modern Love” is slated for release on October 18th on Amazon Prime Video.

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