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Actor Chris Hemsworth announces the end of “Thor” filming


June 02, 2021 – 8:49 pm clock

It’s a wrap!

The scenes for the Marvel flick “Thor: Love and Thunder” are in the can. This is announced by leading actor Chris Hemsworth (37) himself with a black and white photo of himself and the director Taiki Waititi (45). The Australian actor can be seen with long hair as Thor in a tank top that lives up to his name.

Chris promises: “The film will be crazy and damn funny”

“We have ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ in the can!”, He writes about the “relaxed photo” and also does some advertising for it: “The film is crazy and damn funny and maybe one or the other heart beats A lot of love, a lot of thunderstorm! “he promises.

Chris Hemsworth also thanks all the cast and crew “who made this another incredible Marvel trip possible”. And again addressed to the followers, he closes his post with: “Buckle up, get ready and we’ll see you in the cinemas!”

Lots of family time thanks to filming at home

Chris’ private life did not have to suffer from his Hollywood career: Because the filming had been taking place in his native Australia since the beginning of 2021, the Marvel hero was able to enjoy a lot of free time with his wife Elsa and the three children to the fullest.

Video: Family time with the Hemsworths

Marvel Adventure enters its fourth round

The US science fiction action comedy “Thor: Love and Thunder” is the sequel to “Thor: Decision Day” (2017). Further previous films are “Thor: The Dark Kingdom” (2013) and “Thor” (2011). The latest flick is slated to hit theaters on May 1, 2022.

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