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Will Smith has never “met a sly racist”

Interview in podcast
Will Smith Says He Has Never “Met A Cunning Racist”

Will Smith

Will Smith hosts the Miniseries Amend: The Fight For America on Netflix

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Actor Will Smith spoke about his experience of racism on a podcast. He was insulted a few times with the “N word”. His new Netflix series is also about the topic.

Will Smith was already well known in the United States as a young man. First he made a name for himself as rapper The Fresh Prince, later as an actor in the series “The Prince of Bel Air” and with films such as “Men in Black”. But that doesn’t mean that Smith, as a black American, didn’t have to experience racism.

In the podcast “Pod Save America” ​​the 52-year-old spoke about such experiences. “Five or six times” in his life people have called him the “N-word”, Smith said. However, that couldn’t impress him. He’s never met “a smart racist,” said the Hollywood star: “I grew up with racists being stupid and easy to get around. I just had to be smarter. Even if they’re dangerous, I’ve never met a racist Looked in the eyes and saw something in them that I would consider intelligent. “

Will Smith experienced racism as a child

In the course of his acting career in particular, Smith became aware of the extent to which society is permeated by structural racism. And so he sees the problem less in the people than in the system. Most racists are not evil, but ignorant and uneducated. He pleaded for more education and understanding for one another. This could “mitigate some of the most dangerous and difficult aspects of racism”.

Last year, Smith had already spoken on a podcast about how police officers had treated him racially as a child in his homeland of Philadelphia. People who did not grow up with it could never fully grasp this problem, he said at the time: “You just cannot understand what it is like when you feel like you are living in an occupied area.”

Interview on Podcast: Will Smith Says He Has Never Been "met a sly racist"

Netflix series “Amend” leads through the history of black people

Smith’s latest project also deals with the interaction between people of different cultures and skin colors in the USA. The miniseries “Amend: The Fight For America” ​​has been on Netflix since the beginning of February. As a moderator, Smith leads through the history of black people in the United States – from slavery to the Black Lives Matter movement.

So Smith is already politically active on the screen, and at least the actor does not want to rule out involvement in political offices. He would “consider” that option, Smith said.

Source: “Pod Save America” ​​/ Podcast “On 1 with Angela Rye” / Netflix


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