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Why BioNTech and Moderna are falling and AMC is rising

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The shares of BioNTech and Moderna are currently falling noticeably. BioNTech drops from 300 euros to 278 euros in the last few minutes. Moderna falls from $ 449 Friday evening to currently $ 417. The reason for this can be found in the current publication of an expert paper at “The Lancet”. It says that a booster vaccination against the coronavirus (third round or booster) is currently not necessary for the general public. Will this opinion be replaced by other statements from other experts tomorrow? However. At the moment, in any case, this news is having a huge impact on the share prices of the two companies. Because the scenario is: If politicians in the industrialized nations follow such statements, this would mean losses in vaccine sales by Moderna and BioNTech.

Chart compares the course of BioNTech and Moderna
In the following TradingView chart, we have seen the price trend of BioNTech in blue since June, and of Moderna in orange. The current price drop can be seen on the right in the chart.

Why AMC stock is rising today

On Friday I had already talked about the fact that AMC stock has been creeping up for some time, day in and day out. AMC is always trying to make good news, most recently with an expensive advertising campaign with Nicole Kidman for the US cinema chain. Today comes another piece of good news. During the course of this year, Disney has decided to show 6 films exclusively in cinemas for the first time, and not at the same time on its streaming channel Disney +. This is likely to induce numerous other viewers to flock to the AMC cinemas. In the past four weeks, the stock had already risen from $ 30 to $ 50. Today we see an increase of 2.2 percent to $ 51.27.

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