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“Who starts the fire? no deed is ever forgotten «by Paula Hawkins, Gütsel, the print and online magazine for the Gütersloh district with culture, events and more ??

Article of September 13, 2021

Berlin (ots) Paula Hawkins worked as a journalist before she started writing novels. “Girl on the Train” was her first name. It immediately became a world bestseller and ?? starring Emily Blunt ?? filmed, a huge hit. “Into the Water”, her second novel, was equally successful. Now Paula Hawkins has launched her third psychological thriller »Who kindled the fire? no deed is ever forgotten «when it comes to suspense, one step further. Mario Hattwig with our current # audio book # tip.

One Sunday the London police discovered the body of Daniel Sutherland on a houseboat. He was stabbed several times. In the course of the investigation, three women come under suspicion. Miriam, the victim’s neighbor is the first:

At dusk they carried the body out of the boat: up the stairs and out into the street, where an ambulance was waiting. Out of respect, Miriam stood up as they passed her, looked down and spoke a quiet, incredulous walk with God. Then she whispered a thank you. Because by mooring his boat next to hers and allowing himself to be brutally murdered, Daniel Sutherland had given her an opportunity that she could not miss: the opportunity to avenge the injustice that had been done to her.

The second suspect is young Laura. She had a date with Daniel before the crime and after a one-night stand, she had left her fingerprints on the houseboat.

The toilet paper around her forearm bloomed scarlet, the blood pulsing gently out of her again. She got dizzy. In the bathroom she dropped the watch in the sink, tore off the paper bandage, and let the towel slide onto the floor. Got back in the shower. She closed her eyes. You heard Daniel’s voice? what’s wrong with you? ?? and her own: torch something. Flaring Flaring Flaring.

Carla, the victim’s aunt, is also under suspicion. She claims she hadn’t seen her nephew for a long time and didn’t even know he lived on a houseboat in London. As it turns out, an outright lie:

In her memory she often returned that night on his boat, and the dawn that followed. What haunted her mind every time was the moment she got off the boat. The moment when in the gray twilight she saw a woman standing on the bridge, looking down at her. What didn’t leave her in peace was the fact that there was no way she could conjure up the woman’s expression. There was no way she could have said whether she looked sad or angry, broken or determined.

It is noticeable that all three women are deeply bitter and seek revenge? but is one of them actually Daniel’s murderer? And if so, what was your motive?

You can now find the answers in “Who started the fire? no deed is ever forgotten ”by Paula Hawkins. The unabridged audio book version is only available from Audible ?? and further information at

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