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Thor is just as thick as in Avengers Endgame

The secret is out! in the first real trailer let’s see how God of War Ragnarok looks like. Speaking of “look”: Thor has a huge resemblance to the new Kratos adventure Thorwe from Avengers Endgame know.

Thor, did you drink too much mead?

In “God of War Ragnarok” Kratos is one of the Nordic gods Thor (voiced by Ryan Hurst) get busy. Of the Thunder god Wasn’t seen much so far, but through a picture of Sony Santa Monica artist Raf Grassetti we now have the exact look of the hammer-wielding warrior:

© Sony Santa Monica / Sony Interactive Entertainment

The developer studio responsible for “God of War Ragnarok” published the picture accompanying the Reveal trailer on Instagram, along with all other characters from the game. And it is immediately noticeable: For a divine warrior, Thor possesses ra lot of mass, especially around the middle.

This sight will be instantly familiar to Marvel fans. Because in “Avengers Endgame” we saw a very similar version of a somewhat neglected Thor played by Chris Hemsworth:

God of War Ragnarok finally officially unveiled with gameplay trailer

In the PlayStation Showcase we finally got a first look at “God of War Ragnarok”. in the Gameplay trailer we see the new dangers for Kratos and Atreus, but also new allies. You can find all information about the big reveal in this news.

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